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Communications Specialist at PCL Construction
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The San Diego International Airport Expansion is featured on ENR's website. Check out the video. Continue reading
Presentations are an unecessary evil in the work we must produce as marketers and communicators (or at least I think they are). Is anyone else tired of the same old powerpoint templates with numerous bullets per slide that the presenter just reads anyway? Next time you have to put together... Continue reading
A communications guru in Toronto, who I am lucky enough to call a colleague and a friend, once told me that LinkedIn isn’t about connecting with other colleagues from our company, it’s about connecting with external people and their connections to leverage opportunities. According to a recent survey by the... Continue reading
Ever wonder what the difference is between marketing, branding, direct marketing, and public relations? A few months ago, I was asked to define a few of those terms, on the spot, in front our US executives (remember, “US” not “U.S.”). I could feel my body tense up; then my eyes... Continue reading
All of you have recently experienced the begging emails from USHO for photos, whether it be for our community giving brochure, FORTUNE submission, or project photos for publications such as ENR. Some of you have asked “how do we get more photos included our publications?” The answer – Better, higher... Continue reading
Yesterday, a few of us from US Head Office attended a seminar titled, “Networking is a Contact Sport”. I was interested in attending this event because it was put on by a group who I have been hearing good things about, the Mile High Young Professionals group. Also, getting the... Continue reading
About two years ago, a communications specialist at NAHQ asked me to stop putting two spaces after a period. I sent a reply saying I was following a rule that I was taught in college just a few years ago and I insisted on continuing to put two spaces after... Continue reading
Want more information on writing press releases for the web? Then download this whitepaper from PR web on writing great news releases for the web. It provides great information on how to structure your release, do's and don'ts of press release writing, and topic ideas. Download WritingGreatNews_Guide[1] Continue reading
Press releases…news advisories…media alerts. Call it want you want, but all of these documents aim to do the same thing…gain positive media publicity for our company. Below are some easy tips that were given to me by my PR writing teacher, with a few slight PCL additions. If you don’t... Continue reading
Our department, US corporate development, just gathered for Philly cheese steaks and to look at presentations from two of our building competitors. The presentations were brought to us by our newest department edition, Nick Kurth, Virtual Construction manager. We entered the meeting with my stomach growling, more concerned about eating... Continue reading
At PCL, we utilize the Chicago Manual Style (CMS). It suggests to not use periods when abbreviating United States (US). Direct from the CMS Guide: Use periods with abbreviations that end in a lowercase letter: p. (page), vol., e.g., i.e., etc., a.k.a., a.m., p.m., Ms., Dr., et al. Use no... Continue reading
The past two days have been filled with creative ideas, best practice sharing, and networking with people from the best companies in the United States. The Great Place to Work Conference brings together senior leaders, HR executives, and others from across the US and from around the world. The common... Continue reading
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Mar 25, 2011
The term blog is a blend of the word web log. Blogs are an interactive way to share commentary, ideas, photos, videos, etc. The purpose of this blog is two-fold: 1. Create a platform for PCL's backbone, our US marketing and communication departments, to share ideas, best practices, get to... Continue reading
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Mar 18, 2011