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The battle for hearts and minds in Cameroon and the diaspora is so much reflected in the War of verbs and words. The above essay, "Cameroon’s New Senate: An (Anti)Democratic Anachronism," as well as the following comments by Wanzi Nona, Peter Vakunta, Ph.D, tekum emmanuel & ANGLOPHONE,are best described as, 'incendiary rhetoric; very eloquent & well articulated, YET no factual fluency.' "Granted, the adopted approach appears imperfect to critics and rightfully so. But nothing in politics is ever perfect. We can only hope that successive generations will refine and make more perfect the perfectible imperfections of their predecessors." Emmanuel Konde. This is positive and progressive thinking shared by Aloga
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@Kingsley Enow Hundreds of innocent Nigerians suspected of being Boko Haram members have been executed by the Nigerian army. The rule of law must find them guilty and then punishment should follow.Rather,the army which is a state institution is promoting the RULE OF GUN.No accountability and no trial of army officials carrying out summary execution.That is the reason why the people fear the army more than Boko Haram.Also note that in Nigeria there are some pragmatic opportunistic organisations using violence to achieve their stated goals while laying the blame on Boko Haram.* @Vic I do not support their ideology and method of operation. However, Boko Haram is an effect of a cause, that is,corrupt government and poverty.** While we deplore their method, we should acknowledge their grievances. *"In Nigeria, Boko Haram Is Not the Problem," by Jean Herskovits. New York Times, January 2, 2012.Available at **"Bill Clinton blames poverty for rising violence in Nigeria," by Jon Gambrell.Associated Press,February 14,2012. Available at
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To describe Boko Haram as "an extremist Islamist sect" is adding insult to injury. How can a discussion on Boko Haram be credible without acknowledging Sheik Mohammed Yusuf. Was it not his death(murder) that radicalise the groups activities.* What about the heavy handed response by late Nigerian president Umaru Musa Yar’adua.Ironically,in North eastern Nigeria, "the army is more feared than Boko Haram."** Who are the Boko Haram of Nigeria?*** Nigeria & Cameroon in particular and Africa as whole is on the tipping point of Enlightenment. In history, Enlightenment has often been likened to rebellion against corrupt authority. Africans are rejecting corrupt authoirities,and sometimes their method of rebellion can be very violent. *Even the U.S which is often blind on such issues recognized that fact.See U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence report (November 30, 2011).Boko Haram:Emerging threat to U.S Homeland Security. **"In Nigeria, Boko Haram Is Not the Problem," by Jean Herskovits. New York Times, January 2, 2012. Available at *** Visit John Young's webpage for more details, especially this page.The Boko Haram of Nigeria, available at NOTE: There are audio recordings of Shiek Mohammed Yusuf circulating on the internet.Some have been translated into English. It is worth listening before making a judgement.
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