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It's nice that the device supports 1080p, but which content providers are serving up true HD content or really planning to in the foreseeable future? I suspect the data would have to be compressed so aggressively that the result would still be disappointing. Also, I'm guessing the studios would charge content providers higher licensing fees for HD content--further driving up consumer costs.
I'm not happy about the price hike, but I'm very happy as a consumer that now I have the ability to--in the most meaningful way that I can--say what I think about their streaming service. Reasons I will drop to a disc only plan: - Availability of steaming content is unsatisfactory for me (e.g., new content, HBO, etc.) - Video and sound quality of streamed content is still crap compared to disc - I have a rock solid 25mbps fttp Internet connection, but Netflix streaming service pauses & buffers frequently and is sometimes unavailable I'm pleased to see they are putting a renewed focus on physical media. Now we'll see what that really means. Will they do a better job stocking blu-ray discs for new releases for those of us who are paying specifically for that service?
I've been so frustrated recently with Netflix streaming that I've nearly quit using the service. I've got a rock solid 25mbps fttp connection, no ISP throttling, latest firmware, I've rebooted, I've re-registered my device, etc. The problem happens during peak and non-peak. The service used to be decent with occasional buffering, but has been infuriating lately with frequent buffering and the infamous 300 error. While trying to watch certain episodes of 24 about a month ago, the stream would buffer frequently. I got so frustrated at times that I'd pay to watch the episode from Amazon in "HD" just to finish the show, and Amazon delivered a stable, quality stream. I've been a loyal Netflix customer since 2002 and continue to enjoy the physical media service, I wouldn't pay a dime for the streaming service. I don't suspect Netflix of throttling. I just think the service--while magical when it works--isn't reliable enough to be ready for prime time.
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May 12, 2011