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Now that they obliterated Blockbuster, they can start ripping off customers just like BB used to, without worrying about competition. I LOVE netflix, so this statement from me is not ordinary. 60% increase? And I dont even get my DVDs on time and I dont even get new movies in mail anymore eventhough I pay $2 premium for BluRay. Time to cancle I guess
JV3030 "I am so fed up with this streaming crap. Get a life people!" -- why are you here buddy? This is a blog dedicated to streaming and Netflix topics. If you are not interested, please leave. Next, OP is complaining about Sony BluRay player, not PS3. Please correct. Next, PS3 has the best netflix stream experience. 1080p HD + 5.1. XBOX doesnt have either.
PS3 is the best followed by Windows 7 Media Center
And yes, Avatar really sucked. Its long, boring and the 3D doesnt make much difference.
Lol/ Did he EVER use a comcast box and try to watch anything on it???
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May 16, 2011