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I don't live there, so it really don't matter to me. But that is one ugly ass building.
I think Spider-Man fought the qwikster, didn't he?
I'm paying a couple bucks a month more to get 4 dvds instead of 3. As for the people quitting, go into the dustbin of history!
Boy, I switched to the non-streaming plan JUST in time.
I have never seen any website change that makes the site better that it was before the change. ever.
I bumped mine up to 4 dvd at a time, NO STREAMING! Thank YOU netflix, for not making me pay for something I can't use. And the rest of you crybabies can eat it!
I LOVE IT! Now I don't have to subsidise all you whiners who live where you actually CAN stream but keep crying anyway. Go ahead and cancel your subscriptions. Maybe then I can finally get my 'long wait' DVDs.
Congrats Bob! You are our troll of the month!
They can go after the BBC next.
I would have used them if I ever could have found out how!
HA! That $10 doesn't seem so cheap now does it.
A third of the internet devoted to Scream 3 and Spy Kids 3-D. Really makes the last 10,000 years all worth it.
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May 20, 2011