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Huge Loser
Recent Activity - No, that is not what I am suggesting.
@Jacob Neff -- you're wrong. The fact that Netflix operates through the mail is the only relationship the two share. I have yet to see any decrease in Junk Mail that I find every morning in my mailbox. This has nothing to do with Netflix -- let's move along.
And this relates to Netflix, how? Come on HN, lets stay on topic. If you are gonna start writing pieces about people who are unemployed then we are gonna be here for weeks. I come here for Netflix news.
1 computer, XBox 360. So I guess I have two -- I personally think 10 is a high number
I've had the problem twice sending them back, but I alerted them to it and I am guessing the problem worked itself out because I never heard any more about it. Personally, I am an honest person so I have no problem stating the facts .. if I ship something and they don't get it then its on the post office not me.
Who cares what Netflix employees think? I hate to break this to you but 90% of the world hates their job and believes they are under paid/appreciated. Go in, do your job, and if you do it better than the guy next to you then he'll get the axe before you. Quit the job or quit complaining. To quote Dennis Leary, "Life sucks, wear a helmet"
I don't see what kinda 'news' this is. That whole 'party watching' is dumb in my opinion. I get a smaller view screen and people talking during the movie, for what? To see a bunch of little cartoon chars clapping and hooting in the seats? No thank you. Now if Netflix had something like a date and time that it was going to air a semi-recent film that would only be available for that 'timeslot' .. then I would tune in to one of these party deals.
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May 21, 2011