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Not sure this is the brightest idea a company ever had. Are they just trying to ruin it? Now, we will have to maintain two separate lists of titles on two separate websites. The integration of the two on the current website made them easier to maintain. Additionally, the Post Office may be closing our regional processing center (30 miles away) and moving processing to the state capitol (250 miles away). That would probably add an extra day to DVD turnaround time; thus reducing the number of monthly DVD deliveries by 3-4. If the PO also stops Saturday delivery, that would reduce the number even more -- and make Red Box a better value. The list of new DVD titles has been real great in recent months. Most of the titles in my DVD list are NOT 'must see' titles. I lived without mailed DVDs for decades. I can easily live without them again.
After glancing at the website, VUDU seems more of a competitor with cable On Demand. They prices are certainly higher than what the NF-DVDs are. Example: I just returned a Battle: Los Angeles DVD to Netflix. VUDU streams it for $3.99. Netflix still is the better deal, if one doesn't mind waiting a while for those newest titles.
NF upped their prices in January. Now this -- MAJOR increase? Their frequent prices increases are getting as bad as the cable company, but the cable company only increases a couple of $$$ at a time. I guess WE are paying for NF's expansions into other countries. Noticed the NF Blog is filled to capacity (5000) and can accept no more comments. I hope they are getting an earful.
I was getting the "Content Not Available" error this afternoon. Per the NetflixHelp suggestion, I unplugged ROKU for 20 seconds. Plugged it back in and gave it time to load up. Content is magically available again!
I had a 'content unavailable' on a TV series in my queue (ROKU box). I had already watched several episodes. I found that, if I did a search for that title, the result was my queued list on the 'next' episode and all episodes were listed. Netflix does seem to be having many problems with the queue. I have noticed in both DVD and streaming queues titles I did NOT queue. I have also noticed a few titles completely disappeared -- I assume caused by contractual issues.
My cable co requires minimum basic TV to get HS Internet, so I add the extended package for variety. If they would split the two, I might consider dropping the TV. Except that I live in a somewhat rural area and the only get about 3 over-air channels without an extensive antenna system. The small town where I live provides the electric. They are considering adding cable TV (and possibly Internet). If they are competitive, they might be better than the area cable company.
Mine seems to re-organize frequently. I also notice that, when reviewing some new titles on the Netflix website, that they will automatically show up in the cache, even though I did not select them. Maybe that has something to do with the length of time of the hovering.
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May 24, 2011