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Another BS lawsuit, why don't they sue all the other VOD/PPV providers that don't have any CC? To all the hard of hearing: I'm sorry you have a disability but if you don't like the streaming service Netflix provides then rent the DVD and get subtitles.
"I hope we have an alternative to Netflix soon. The DVD supply has become a joke with everything worth looking at now on forever waits." If you think Netflix is bad you should try Blockbuster, they are the closest competition but their DVD service is a real joke. Redbox/Verizon will be more expensive because it will be PPV, besides you still have to drive to a Redbox to get a DVD. IMO Netflix streaming+DVD is still the best value and they mail it to your house.
This is only for Verizon home customers which is only in the NE US, most of the US won't have access(no mention if it will be available for wireless customers). Nice try Redbox/Verizon but I can watch Netflix on any device anywhere in the US for $7.99 a month.
Yeah the streaming version of Payback is the directors cut, I also didn't think it was as good as the theatrical version. Oh well I have it on DVD.
Finally some good movies! Time to load up my queue.
Website and streaming work fine for me out here in Cali using AT&T.
This is BS for those who didn't wan to be a part of this lawsuit, now my subscription fees are being used to pay shyster lawyers!
Wow NFLX is taking a beating these past two days, it's down 30%. I think that's an overreaction because the Q2 numbers aren't that bad. The buying pattern is clear now, buy after earnings and sell the day of the next earnings. As for Netflix streaming, I'm still a subscriber and watch about 12hrs a week.
What ISP are you using and where are you located? It sounds like an isolated incident. I'm in California, my PC(using IE and Chrome) and set top boxes work normally.
I wish they would specific what device they are using because we aren't a mind reader: PC, Roku, Blu-ray player, iPad, etc. My Sony devices are working normally.
"What are these people watching on YouTube?" YouTube has PPV movies and a lot of free content, I watch about 6hrs a week. My Blu-ray player has all the apps in the survey but I also have basic cable because I like sports, I have gone two years without cable in the past.
This report proves Hastings is delusional and needs to go.
I'm against any form of tagging, Netflix should not hire gang-bangers to put graffiti on their DVD's. :)
"I should split off the disc division and open up B&M stores, I can then raise the prices. I'm such a brilliant businessman"
"As long as the end result is that Netflix has to update it's 1st gen Roku app, I support the lawsuit." Sue Roku not Netflix, Roku is an independent company and are responsible for their hardware. It's this mentality that is ruining the US: "I'm a victim so I'm going to sue the company with the most money even if they aren't directly responsible".
Why doesn't Amazon, iTunes and Vudu have CC/subtitles? At least Netflix is making an effort for the hard of hearing.
And to Wbad I say "why don't they go after the other VOD providers?" "If NF is the great comapany that many believe it be than they will solve this problem." The studios are suppose to provide the subtitles/CC, the hardware manufacturers need to support subtitles/CC. Netflix will never be able to provide subtitles/CC on all their content but they will have more than the competition, the competition is at 0% right now and they should also be sued to be fair.
Man that kidnapper was stupid, first he forgets his bullets then he has the victim drive him to his deluxe accommodations.
I feel for the deaf but I think this is a money grab and they are unfairly singling out Netflix, why don't they go after Amazon and Vudu? They don't have subtitles on any of their content. BTW: the movie theater is a good analogy.
Mozilla is on the board? Why not Microsoft or Apple?
"Is this regarding retention of user data once that user has canceled, or does it refer to current users?" The way I understand it's only for subscribers who cancelled. While I think the fines are excessive Netflix lawyers should of told the board members that they would eventually be sued. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.
" Man, that Redbox is getting crappier and crappier. First I have to drive to their location, get out of the car... possibly wait in line and now THIS?! Totally not worth it." John Carter isn't a good movie so no great loss for me, in fact most of what's coming from Hollywood these days is garbage. I'm tired of the 3D-animated-comic book genre.
Finally some new releases worth watching.
Lighten up Geoff, I'm sure you will look great with them on. Make sure to wear them with your red dress.
The pop top is real classy, this will be popular in trailer parks.