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Okay, so it looks like has iPlay as does BuyBuy Baby if you live in a city that has this store.
So I saw that you said the disposable swim diapers don't work. Do they leak? I had a pair of Gymboree swim trunks and was going to put on the Huggies Disposable Swim Diaper on my little boy, but I think I might need to rethink that. Uggghhh. Perhaps we'll try you suggestion. Wonder if Buy Buy Baby carries them. Thanks for the tip!
I can't thank you enough for posting this. You are a hundred percent right, there is a great amount of pressure out there to breast feed right now. There are radio and TV commercials, in politics with the first's really every where you look. There are people who think it is an all or nothing deal, and that you are less of a mom if you don't breastfeed. On the flip side there is an older generation (my MIL's generation) where many people thought that breast feeding is disgusting and don't understand why a woman would bother with this. Both viewpoints are very extreme. I gave breast feeding a great try both times with my children, and was unsuccessful. I would love to not be mixing formula and washing bottles out right now and just pull out my boob and feed my child, but it is what it is. I have severely inverted and flat nipples and hardly any milk would come out when I pumped (which I did the first 3 weeks of my first born's life). After 3 weeks of excruciating pain and bleeding from pumping 10-12 times a day (tears streaming down my face each time) and not getting much milk anyway(even with fenugreek) and frustrating feedings b/c my daughter refused to latch on and was hungry and had lost a significant amount of weight I ended up developing mastitis in both breasts. Thinking I was just coming down with something, it progressed that day and got worse and worse. Not only were both my boobs red they also felt like they were going to explode. On top of it all, I got a high fever and headache and finally put it together what was going on. It was at that point that I reflected on this whole experience and decided that I would quit trying to breast feed at the expense of my daughters health, my health and sanity, and my relationship with my daughter. Aup until this point my daughter would cry in my arms and kick my breasts whenever it was feeding time b/c she was so hungry but couldn't get a good latch. The lactation consultant was not any help with my first born either and made me feel terrible for not getting it to work. I feel like I made a good decision. I wasn't depriving my child of food anymore once we switched to formula and I could now enjoy my daughter more who was now finally content and happy. When my son was born, though he latched on a little bit on and off, my nipples were cracked and severly bleeding within a day. I was given a nipple shield to help with that, but the nipple shield would fill up with blood and the sucking was yet again excrusiating. My 2 year old daughter would come in the nursery and need my attention too, which at times made it impossible to breast feed and attend to her at the same time. Within the first week I had mastitis yet again....both breasts. B/c of the ordeal we went through with trying to make breastfeeding work with my daughter and her weight loss, I decided it was time to pull the plug. I didn't want to loose time with my son (and daughter)the way that I felt I had with my daughter when she was a newborn. That being said, there are times that I feel guilty about not doing it, but I have to remind myself that it is hard to be a good mom if you are continually getting sick (from mastitis) or in pain from nursing. This decision was made by looking at what was best for our whole family and in this case, the formula was the best choice for us. My daughter is turing out great. She is well above average socially and according to her pediatrician. She is a very smart, sweet, funny, and polite girl.....yes,even though she was on formula. We women need to stop judging one another and be more accepting of decisions women make. Start looking at the big picture. If you can make it work, excellent. That is a wonderful thing that you are doing. If you can't make it work, whatever the reason, it is alright too. You have made the best decision you could for your family. You are not any less of a mom for not breastfeeding.
I loved you post on swimwear. I thought all the suits were still adorable on you. The red suit that you posted on not long ago was great too. I have to say that I too have fretted about this very thing since we agreed to go with 75 plus friends on a party barge the first weekend in June. I am 2 months postpartum (from baby #2)as of tomorrow and although I only have about 15 lbs. more to go; it is that deflated balloon that I still need to cover up while the "elephant skin" shrinks back. I did go on a huge search for pooch friendly tankini's and this is what I found: 1.) Hapari Tankini -Sport Tankini. I noticed it is significantly longer than your average tankini which was what I needed. I got this one in Island Fever and the pattern did a great job hiding the pooch. I also ordered the brown Tummy Tuck Bottoms that you posted above and they really did help. The downfall is that I'm a bit hippy, so it gave me a little bulge on my outer thighs/hips where the suit bottoms ended. So I got a brown swim skirt that smooths all that out and walla, I am ready to swim and look great. In my opinion, Hapari was the best. I tried the V-Neck tank, but didn't find the boob part to be very flattering on my body, but other body types maybe. 2.) Lands End has some cute Tankini's that are good for postpartum women. 3.) Athleta has a couple longer tankini's that can double up as swim dresses. This were really cute, but more on the pricey side. 4.) Ann Taylor LOFT had a cute Dotted Twisted Tankini Top that I ordered that was great. It was long enough to even wear my maternity black bottoms with it. Cute and comfortable. Only downfall is that it needed a lot of adjusting to get it to not have the armpit boob that I am rather prone to. Hope this helps. You hit the nail on the head though, after about a year after having my first kiddo, I started wearing a bikini and stopped worrying about it.
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May 24, 2011