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@keith. The 300 is getting an eight-speed in 3 months you can buy. When Ford said the smaller cars are getting it first before it trickles down to other vehicles. Trust me. At least 2 years.
@Brian. Of course it is. You say 6% increase. The 300 got a 8-speed and the Canadian government just announced it's rating it at 33 mpg. That's an improvement of 6 mpg over the 5-speed. Unless of course the Canadian government fuzzy math.
Just stating the Facts, Lou. haha.
Just stating the Facts, Lou. haha.
Ram is putting Ford on it heels. When Ram announced a 8-speed, look at Ford. When Ram announced it's developing a Hydraulic Hybrid, so did Ford. Don't get me wrong, It's good to see Ford is following. Haha.
Wow, now that Ford is getting a 8-speed look at every1 praise it. When Ram alone said it was getting an 8-speed. All i heard was too many gears and bla, bla, bla. Ford won't get this 8-speed for another 2 years.
A Ram Box in a Dually? Now thats a feature most all Dually buyers will get. Good thinking Ram.
Frank, the Ram Box does not leak. Unless you break it. It has a drain like feature that helps you empty it.
I wouldn't count out a turbo charged V6. Knowing how competitive the Ram brand is. I would be surprised if it wasn't. Look for numbers to be the same or better than the F-150's eco-boost V6.
All of Chryslers products with the V6 are will recieving the 8-speed transmission. The 300 V-6 is rated at 33mpg with the 8-speed. If the Ram 1500 recieves the 8-speed, which i'm sure it will. We'll looking at 25 to 26, possibly 27 mpg highway.
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May 31, 2011