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I have to be honest - this blogging thing is hard. Especially when you're writing about something that doesn't necessarily conjure up thoughts of cupcakes and giggles. So I took a little hiatus. Actually what happened was that I went to my sister's wedding (more on that later) and never... Continue reading
I'm watching my weekly dosage of guilty pleasure. Yes, I know I've already posted about one reality show ... but I don't consider So You Think You Can Dance a guilty pleasure. Just a regular non-embarrassed about pleasure. But the Bachelorette ... that's a different story. So here I am... Continue reading
DATING. Among the many, many things you probably won't have thought about - the top of the list was (for me) dating. This probably had something to do with the fact that I was 21 and dating was for me then what sitting on my couch is for me now... Continue reading
Oh hello So You Think You Can Dance. How I wish you were around yearly, making me swoon with your contemporary pieces. But enough about me ... New choreographer Justin Giles choreographed a piece for the male finalists depicting the stages of grief. If you're a fan of masculinity then... Continue reading
NINE YEARS LATER. As the rest of the country dresses up in red, white and blue and waves mini American flags, I try to wrap my head around the number nine. How many days is that? I started to do the math this morning and then stopped. (it's 3285. Fuck.)... Continue reading
This is just creepy and wrong. As a self proclaimed expert on dead parents, I deem this insensitive and sick. Did no one have to get permission from the boys to use their mom's image?? Or to be more acurate, permission to morph their mom's image? I like how they... Continue reading
Don't worry, no crying going on here! (but I could if want to. The song says so.) It's my dad's 65th Bday! The good news: Forever Young ... right? The worst part about your own sagging body aging is seeing your parents age. Be honest - who doesn't come home... Continue reading
The greatest of them all being HARRY POTTER!! The greatest story ever told about the death of a parent. Or in Harry's poor case, both parents. Lily and James Potter even have their own wikipedia entries ... and very long ones at that. I do have to ask ... why... Continue reading
I realize that "find a rock" sounds a lot like "find someone who is emotionally a rock for you." My rock is actually quite literal - it's a rock in the middle of Central Park. A year after my dad died I took one of those "don't know where I'm... Continue reading
That's right. Lift up a god damn bowling alley. As in, get a mechanic to unscrew the lane and pick up the actual wood to search for something that was lost underneath ... Oh what could be so important that you needed this done you ask? A ring. Oh, you're... Continue reading
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Jun 19, 2011
A little happy backstory: My dad died. I'm sure in other blog posts we can get into all the juicy stuff that goes along with that sentence ... but for now, we'll keep it at the simple fact. A little happy current story: It's been eight years since above said... Continue reading
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Jun 2, 2011