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Not surprising. Netflix waits until Blockbuster goes under to drop their price hike, Redbox waits until a slew of people drop Netflix to do theirs. I'm still saving money.
Blockbuster, Hulu, Amazon, et al must be popping the champagne - it's the end of the Netflix dynasty.
The great thing about the internet is helmet heads have a way to safely bolster their manhood by ridiculing people complaining on an open & (most importantly) anonymous forum. Unfortunately, their absurdity is difficult for them to hide. Yes, yes, let's send anyone who disagrees with Netflix to a combat zone. What a tool.
Put my account on hold a couple of days before my billing date. The price increase coupled with the fact that if you don't get new releases the moment they come out you're looking at up to a month wait time (e.g. Priest which I got yesterday at Redbox) made me decide to take a break from Netflix. It'll be interesting to see the final numbers (holds/cancellations). I think they estimated 25 million but that seems high to me.
I realized something the other night as I was panicking at the idea of quitting NF... I'll survive. It dawned on my that my attitude used to be "Hey, you up for a movie? Let's go to BB/HV and find something." Now it's "Oh crap, we've had this movie for over a week...we need to watch it now!" or "I've got to get this movie back quick or I'll miss [insert 28 days delayed new release here] and have to wait [insert # of weeks here] to get it!" I've been letting my movie habits control me rather than the other way around. Besides, I still have DirecTv, Redbox, and the internet. So it's not like I couldn't find something on the hundreds of channels I have on satellite or go to Redbox or (hey, wow) read a book. Seriously, now that I think about it, I might actually thank NF for helping me kick the habit.
@Frank, I wish I still had a B&R in my area. Netflix doesn't cut it if you need it NOW. Redbox is great if it's a new release but sucks if you're trying to get something obscure. Actually, if there were a B&R in my area, it would make quitting Netflix even easier. Oh, and add to my list of dissatisfactions: Long wait times for new releases if you don't get them when they first come out.
Relatively speaking, the price hike is peanuts when you think about it...we probably spend more at Starbucks on a grande whatever. What bugs me is that, for the most part, the steaming content is still limited, the delay on new releases, those lame Rental Only disks. So, for this price hike, we're getting what...? I had a feeling something like this would happen when Blockbuster/Hollywood video folded (or at least scaled back). I wonder if they're rethinking the closures of their brick/mortar stores?
Isn't this the second price hike in a 1 year? I've been getting tired of waiting a month for new releases when I see them everyday at the ubiquitous Redboxs. Lately I've been renting more and more at Redbox. My streaming queue is filled with I'll-watch-it-when-there's-nothing-else-on movies. Same goes for my DVD queue (other than the new releases.) This might be the proverbial straw for me.
That's great...when are they going to approve it for the Samsung Galaxy S 4G phone? I guess I should have bought an iPhone.
Saw this too only before it happened I was perusing my queue and suddenly both DVD & Streaming queues disappeared, i.e. went to zero (both had over 100 titles in them). Good thing they all came back.
This might actually bother me if a Netflix app existed for my Galaxy S Android phone. :)
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Jun 13, 2011