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Wow that's a kinda big increase for me. I'll definitely have to rethink my subscription now... and I do understand that the licensing fees are huge and they gotta pass it on to us somehow. Coincidentally I have a Student Amazon Prime membership (not due to renew it for free until 2/2012 and doesn't include their streaming) and Amazon emailed me a "promo" rate for a regular Prime membership at half off, which would include their streaming. I shall have to consider that.
Btoy: Do you rate stuff you haven't seen based upon who's acting in it? I have a friend who does that. The only function I really really want on there is the ability to erase my WI history, because I do have some "questionable" films on there... and I have to keep up snobbish appearances!
I was having trouble accessing Netflix via my Song Dash, I kept getting a Error Code 300. Streaming works through my laptop though.
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Jun 15, 2011