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What service????
I haven't added to my queue for weeks! If this is the kind of stuff we're going to get I'll be out of here. I still have lots of episodes of old TV shows to go and I hope by then Netflix will have gotten its act back together again or something else will have replaced it. Not looking good!
Thank you Netflix! The greatest new streaming collection and yet people are still complaining. Unbelievable! It was Law and Order that I was waiting for and what a wonderful surprise to see it listed. I am loving The Wonder Years and Frasier - two series I missed even though they were huge hits. I am probably appreciating them more now than I would have when they were first shown. And without commercials!!! I joined Netflix for the streaming and I am happy to see that you are making the service bigger and better than ever. I feel sorry for those of you who continue to moan and groan and I feel even sorrier for those of us who have to read your nasty comments.
CLOSED CAPTIONING!!!!!!!!!!! At least two separate queues. More old TV shows and miniseries such as ER, Ben Casey, Playhouse 90, North and South. CLOSED CAPTIONING!!!! By the way, the "best guess" ratings always work for me.
I tried to watch Star Trek on my ipad but the sound is so low it's a whisper. Same thing with the 911 Commission - volume too low to hear on ipad, computer and Roku. I have informed Netflix but no response.
PS. I have complained three times about the volume of the 9-11 Commission and it is still just a whisper. Of course no cc.
I wanted to watch a show that is due to expire on the first with two days warning. "Content not available" on the Roku. I was able to watch it on my ipad. I was a big fan of Netflix but not anymore. I have added nothing to my queue for weeks. Seniors are big users but they seem to be forgetting about us when they add content. If Amazon should come to the Ipad I would switch right away. I wouldn't miss the dvds because, once again, they are adding nothing I want to see.
I've been watching on the Roku all evening. Netflix seems to be fine in Tucson AZ. I better knock on wood!
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Jun 19, 2011