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Basic cable may not show you all the local channels that are available over the air. In my area, there is at least one full-time weather channel offered as an extra digital feed (e.g. channel 11.2, 11.3, etc.). But of course in a real emergency you are better off with a battery-powered radio.
Has anyone else considered that people who dropped Netflix completely might also stop reading a blog called "Hacking Netflix" and therefore never see this poll?
This is a bit premature considering the price change doesn't go into effect until September 1. My next bill date is August 27, so I'm not sure even that will have the price increase. The plan in my house is to switch to streaming only and use the savings (in addition to savings from dropping cable) to rent more movies through Amazon. We may occasionally change to a DVD+streaming plan when a new favorite series is released on DVD.
Perhaps the web is a new concept for you, Robotskilledyou, but did you follow the link? You should try that before making sarcastic remarks. (Hint: it's the underlined red text in the first sentence above.) I count about 45 images on the linked page.
Very few Apple products are white. (I can think of three and two of those also come in black.) Isn't it much more likely an Apple HDTV would be aluminum and black glass like the iMac and Cinema Displays? Besides, this is merely rumor.
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Jun 23, 2011