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Oh, Yes. Woe to the heretical serfs and uneducated underlings who would allow the Kings English be made imperfect ... Seriously, I am a bit amazed at the pious nature in a portion of academia. If we want to argue hierarchies of expressions and what is "proper"; let us not forget that language was spoken before it was written. Lynn, thank you for writing this piece so many years ago and for loving your work ('; If I may, I would like to offer my thoughts and feelings in the hope of inspiring insight. How long have we been rubbing sticks and stones to make tools? Some would say our honing days began ages ago when from our growls and moans did language flow. It appears that we have come a long way, but most have forgotten how it feels to hone. It may take many hours of deliberate labor to create that point or edge. The concentration and body fatigues, but just a slip and one's own blood is drawn. It is safer to "hone out", but over time a bur is formed from the curling of the most malleable edge. In the final strokes we may turn the blade and begin " honing in" to remove this bur and set the final edge. "Honing in" is the crescendo of concentration and anticipation that the labor will be complete: the "home stretch" if you will. When I hear "honing in" I feel what it means just as "home in" has such a primal meaning. Wherein lies much of the beauty of language. Words can be profoundly deep beyond the literal and the connotations impact beyond conscious reasoning. This is an era of rapidly changing technology, language, business, etc. and the reference materials are being revised continually. In other words, I suggest we enjoy saying what we mean when we write and don't take subjective elements too seriously, especially me as I have no formal education to speak of. If it were not for spell check this would be most indecipherable ( ' : Lynn, thank you for the wonderful resource and thanks to all who read my spiel. Levi
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Jul 5, 2011