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I agree with you jason. Right now I'm paying about 45 cents a disk with netflix, with as much streaming and as many DVD's as my household goes through. With the price hike in Sept, I figure I'll pay about 50-65 cents or so per disk/title. Until a competitor can beat that with an option for a disk OR streaming, I'm staying with netflix. I enjoy getting the physical disks as I travel a lot for my job. Usually about 100 miles from home, no more than 2-3 nights every 2-3 weeks. I enjoy taking our portable DVD/TV player with a couple movies to watch while in the hotel, as not every hotel/motel has wifi in every room yet and I prefer not to watch streaming or DVD's on the company laptop.
Forgot to mention..while I have blockbuster to rent games through, the instore option isn't worth it for me. Never tried it, never will as the closest blockbuster to me is 42 miles ONE WAY.
I'm keeping netflix as it is. I'm keeping my plan the way it is and am willingly paying the $6 price increase. Yea, it sucks. Going back to cable will cost me $38 a month for the basic package. That's still without HBO, showtime and starz. Blockbuster doesn't offer separate lists under the same account. A feature I love about netflix-kids get their own list, hubby and I get our own and we get to keep our tv list separate from our movie list. Blockbuster and amazon prime don't stream on the Wii-something netflix does. Blockbuster has always taken 3-5 business days from the time I return a movie before I get a new one back-netflix still has a 1-3 day turnaround. While I do use redbox every so often, they do not have tv shows. When I have a hunkering for an old 80's movie, once again netflix has it. Hulu for some reason is sketchy on my computer (though amazon prime and netflix work great) and doesn't stream on the wii very well at all. While I think Netflix could have handled it better ($3 now, $3 more in 6 months for instance) they are still WAY cheaper than a couple movie tickets and cable.
yes..this is a sudden, steep price increase. But folks...think about it. Blockbuster (what's left of them) and other movie rental companies are charging arms and legs for movies. Red box, yes they charge only $1 a movie/$1 a night is great for the casual watcher or kids having a sleepover or I can't wait any longer to watch it crowd-they do NOT have the extensive library netflix has. They don't offer entire seasons of tv shows, obscure hard to find titles, titles that are 2-3 years old (or older) that you never got around to watching but now wish you could. Comcast and other cable companies charge $2.99-$4.99 (Or more) to watch movies on pay per view or on demand-watch. $23.98 a month before tax for unlimited disks and streaming (are you too lazy to walk to your mail box?) is the better deal. $4.99 per new release from my cable company-5 movies and bam I just paid $24.95. Even with the price increase from Netflix-they are still cheaper. Does your cable company let you access 14,000+ titles? Granted, you will have to wait for the physical disk in many cases but does your cable company have that many titles? Are you too lazy to walk to your mail box or wait two-three days? Does your cable company have entire seasons of tv shows that have been off the air for a decade or longer at your finger tips? Mine sure doesn't.
Bob-why do some people prefer disks over streaming? Because you have a small population like my mother in law. She is bed bound in a nursing home. The nursing home doesn't provide wireless access to resident rooms. They offer basic cable for residents at $10 per room. The nursing home insurance policy won't allow things like netflix converter boxes or dvd players to be installed to the tv's in the resident's room. Even *if* she could get wi fi in her room or a netflix ready device-there is no way in hell she can figure out how to use it (she's a 78 year old bed bound woman that needs 3-4 people to help move her..) and a lap top? Screw that-she has enough issues figuring out the portable DVD player we got her to watch netflix DVD's on. So we pay $10 for basic cable to her room and we have the 5 at a time plan for us and watch the disks and streaming. My mother in law is on the one at a time plan for her-have to have a separate account/email addy for her in order for her disks to go to the nursing home she's at. so that is one reason why, besides crappy internet service, why people would prefer disks over streaming.
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Jul 9, 2011