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One word: G3. Okay, another word or two. The Fuji is a day late to the party. Yes there are people who love the RF experience who can't or won't go to the Leica party. Yes the retro styling is pretty. And yes, the lens sounds pretty nice. But in the end, you have a slow(ish) camera which can produce (by all accounts) a nice-looking file (if things go right). Now, if what you want is a camera to create candid or street photography (which appears to be the real target audience for the Fuji) what's the single most important control you need? That's right, fast, accurate focus. What's the other control you need most? That's right, exposure compensation. And that's it. Everything else falls into the "I like to have it" category, kind of like climate control in your car. From Ken's description, and others I've read, this thing is slow (err, quirky). You have to hunt around for adjustments. Why would I really care if the VF is convertible? I want to compose fast, frame the photo, and focus where I want to focus. You don't think an electronic VF lets you do that? I've had a Pany G3 for a week now, following a year and a half with the GF1, and it's a street shooter's wet dream. Fast, accurate, and files a clear step up from the GF1, which were not too shabby. From all reports the new Olys have even faster AF. You can't fight the big budget R&D at Pany and Oly. The Fuji is like Leica, it has to cobble the thing from old technology, buy its sensor, and write its own software. It won't get the latest AF module, so like Leica it has to use the retro gimmick to get any traction in the market. What I think it's getting is the middle-aged, former Leica-toting, occasional walk about town kinda guy.
Toggle Commented Jul 12, 2011 on Fuji Finepix X100 Review at The Online Photographer
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Jul 12, 2011