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I don't trust this. 1. if you have to go through congress to make it happen, you should probably leave it alone. 2. the fact that the majority of those people are republican makes me trust it even less. i've see the republican track record the last 2 years and it scares me. if we have this video protection law in place, its probably for a good reason. Besides, I know I won't be using that feature, I hardly even use Facebook in general. Netflix needs to stop trying five thousand ways to push its customers away.
As long as Netflix strikes a deal or maintains a deal with Disney to play their theatrical films, losing Starz will be no loss to me. Starz has, as of late, been airing crappy stuff anyways. We still have digital cable and we recently got rid of Starz in favor of HBO in our 2 year contract because you got more channels, HBO Go, Max Go and better content. But realizing the loss in content from Starz is a reminder of why Netflix's streaming library is still so unreliable that you have to have both streaming and dvd. As they say, too many cooks spoils the broth (soup, stew).
I'll probably keep the $16 plan because when they don't have the movie I want to stream, I want the dvd version and to date, Redbox cannot compete with Netflix's entire library. The nearest Blockbuster to me closed down and since I don't own a car, I'd have to go very out of my way to really utilize a blockbuster plan. I would go streaming only, if their streaming library were of the same caliber as their dvd library but it isn't yet. I think they should have waited on this plan change until the streaming library was actually up to par with the dvd library. I can't help but ask if this is a sign that Netflix is turning into the next Blockbuster, you know, screwing the customers, abusing their loyal subscribers and eventually pushing people into the hands of the competition.
Well, I am excited for the additions of Leave it to Beaver and Adam 12, am curious as to how long I'll have to wait for it to debut. For the $6 increase, I hope they start adding more such as Supernatural, Gilmore Girls, NCIS, and so on. And the last season of Emergency! which the dvd version has already been released (months ago in fact). I wouldn't be so opposed to their new price plans if I felt like I would be getting my monies worth. So this $6 increase better go towards better deals with companies to get more streaming of the kind of programming we want specifically from the CW and CBS. is now following The Typepad Team
Jul 17, 2011