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Post office closings are an attempt to consolidate services, especially for those offices that are located close to each other. Yes, some workers will lose their jobs, but what industry hasn't seen that happen over the past five years?
We cut the cable a long time ago and haven't gone back for one major reason: very little new programming content interests us and we are stuck with watching on their schedule, not ours. As far as watching via streaming, both my wife and I do not have the hearing we once did and prefer to run with captioned text. We can't get that with streaming (Roku just announced their new box that has captioning available, but I already bought their top of the line and don't want to dump another $99 just to get the latest version.) As such, we've dropped the streaming and bring the shows we want in via DVD. For current shows, our Sony Blu-Ray couples nicely with Hulu plus and meets our needs. I think Netflix needs to rethink their pricing in a hurry if they can't provide additional content and are dropping Starz as a provider. And Starz is just plain crazy, because they are being seriously challenged by Hulu and other new providers.
My current plan at Netflix is 4 out + streaming. There is no 4 out without streaming, but the increase is only $2 over my current 27.99 plan. No big deal. is now following The Typepad Team
Jul 27, 2011