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I agree, too. Oxyclean spray, let the item lay on top of the washer until I'm done avoiding the laundry, and it comes out nearly every time - but I use the powder in every load of kid's clothes, too!
That is 100% true. My daughter fell when we were in the bank recently and bonked her head. She sat there with her mouth wide open and eyes squeezed tightly shut for about 30 seconds before she let out the LOUDEST screaming/crying I'd ever heard in my life. For about 10 minutes.
I really love the part about getting the kids to bed and the cats immediately descending upon you. I get so irritated because when I pee (like twice a day), I get into the bathroom, yank my pants down and get excited for 30 seconds of alone time. Immediately I can hear the cat leaping and running, and instantly he is on my lap while I'm on the toilet. I really can't even pee alone.
My husband has said EXACTLY THAT. I wanted to junk punch him! And what was about 36 hours for me literally was 6 days for him! (Plus another week where he just "didn't quite feel normal yet".) I get so frustrated, but what can you do? Oh, wait... that's right... junk punch them! LOL is now following The Typepad Team
Aug 1, 2011