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Whitley Bartholomew
We all bleed red!
Interests: Art, Psychology, japanese. Swimming, writing, free verse.
Recent Activity
Farewell Tokyo I will miss you! I have had the time of my life in Tokyo I am very inspired by this experience to learn more about the international world. I discovered here what it is like to be a minority and what it is like to be foreign. Studying... Continue reading
Sophia University provides summer session students with many rare opportunities. These include things like kabuki, tea ceremony, ikebana and Noh theater. Of all the events I have attended so far, Rakugo has been by far the most entertaining. I laughed and laughed. It's like stand-up comedy back home, except it... Continue reading
The people in Harujuku are among the most fashionable that I have seen. They are like the punk icons of Japan. In Harujuku the strict demands of Japanese society fall to the ground and are swept underneath the rug. Here they are replaced with freedom and individuality. It is so... Continue reading
Konnichiwa! My name is Whitley , but I go by Whit! I am a total otaku..which in japanese means nerd. B-)! I have been taking japanese for about 6 years total. Three years in high school back home in Minnes-O-ta and 3 years in college. I am extremely intrigued by... Continue reading
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Aug 3, 2011