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I come to you today with this bit of news – today’s post will be my last over here. I want to thank all of the other contributors to this blog, both past and present, for building up a wonderful... Continue reading
(1) Would you publish a bestselling author even if you weren’t a big fan of the book, but you knew it would sell? Yes. Yes I would. I would publish anything from the following authors, sight unseen: Dan Brown, J.K.... Continue reading
I've got a bunch of boxes filled with books. They're boxes I packed up when I left the Bleak House office almost 5 years ago and, because I'd never gotten around to it, never unpacked. Until today. And that's when... Continue reading
Here are more questions submitted via Twitter. If you have questions you'd like me to address next week, either leave them in the comment section below or send them to me on Twitter @tyrusbooks @J_Low An agent said she prefers... Continue reading
BENJAMIN LEROY More questions from Twitter today. If you've got questions you want me to answer next week, put them in the comment section. From @muchadoaboutjc-- How long would you recommend someone wait before submitting to a smaller press to... Continue reading
BENJAMIN LEROY I went to the Twitter mailbag today to see what kind of questions were out there in the ether. I received four. I will be updating the blog as I answer them. Question #1 (from my guy Alan... Continue reading
BENJAMIN LEROY Hey Gang – I was going to write about an entirely different topic today, but then I read a piece my friend Janet Reid wrote for her blog, and I figured it’d be better if I pointed folks... Continue reading
BENJAMIN LEROY Ok, it’s now spring, and we’ve weathered most of the rough stuff. But, this sure has been an unpredictable and brutal winter, hasn’t it? Yeah, you think you know what to expect when November rolls around. Make plans... Continue reading
BENJAMIN LEROY This is a random post. Way back a billion years ago my Dead Guy predecessor and the co-founder of Tyrus Books (now over at Amazon), Alison Dasho, wrote a story about Scott O’Connor and his novel Untouchable, a... Continue reading
Neil - Thanks for the reply! My first reaction was along the lines of, "Yeah, but Neil, it's a totally different situation. You've got the support of brand awareness, a huge marketing department, and..." And then I realized I was guilty of the same thing I was accusing others of doing. I think the bigger and more established a company is, the better the chances of getting higher profile placements (media/retailers/etc.), BUT, if I think about it on a project by project basis, I know the challenges and uncertainties still exist. Thanks for keeping me honest.
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BENJAMIN LEROY Those of you who have read at least one of my posts or suffer through the inanity that is my Twitter feed probably know that I’m not exactly a spokesperson for Big Publishing. I won’t attach any descriptors... Continue reading
BENJAMIN LEROY Sometimes, a foot in the door isn’t good for anything other than a bruise. Being a guy with a vested interest in the publishing industry, it turns out I spend more time than I should reading websites geared... Continue reading
BENJAMIN LEROY Hello everybody. I'm in that, Well, the holidays are over, but real work really doesn't start until Monday phase, and I guess that's got me a little introspective and chatty. Some of this has to do with publishing,... Continue reading
This is Ben. I've turned over the steering wheel today to Bryon Quertermous who was recently named editor of Exhibit A Books. Since you're likely interested in crime fiction publishers and since I'm 50/50 for generating quality content, let's just... Continue reading
BENJAMIN LEROY I remember the days of working in publishing before Twitter was a thing. I can remember them, but I do not long for them like I do so many other things from my past. In addition to all... Continue reading
BENJAMIN LEROY Time for two quick questions that have been asked on the social medias. I hope these answers mean something. Q – Why do publishers want agented submissions? A – There are a couple of reasons. (1) In theory,... Continue reading
BENJAMIN LEROY Dear NaNoWriMower – Well, you’re a week in now. How’s the word count? Keeping up with your goal of Xthousand words a day? Plot coming along just like you envisioned it? Good. Good. High five. Oh, wait. You’re... Continue reading
BENJAMIN LEROY Back in the summer of 2012, my friend Sabrina needed jaw surgery. Because Sabrina is a wonderful person with a lot of friends, there was a groundswell of support and an Indiegogo campaign to help raise money for... Continue reading
BENJAMIN LEROY I hope everybody is doing well. Back in 2009, when the effects of the 2008 collapse were collapsing onto the collapses of 2009, if you were in need of a smile and a good feeling, just about the... Continue reading
BENJAMIN LEROY On Tuesday, if you’re much of a Twitter user, you might have seen #mswl, a hashtag designed to let agents and editors talk about their manuscript wishlist. Some of the requests were really specific with characters and plots... Continue reading
BENJAMIN LEROY (After Publishers Weekly wrote an article about me deciding to branch out from just crime fiction, I wrote this piece to discuss it further. Then this discussion happened over at Poe’s Deadly Daughters. I’m responding to that below.)... Continue reading
BENJAMIN LEROY A few weeks ago, I had the good fortune of being interviewed by Claire Kirch, the Midwest correspondent for Publishers Weekly. What was supposed to be a fifteen minute conversation ended up stretching over an hour. The article... Continue reading
BENJAMIN LEROY Today’s the day we give the United States a high five and wish it a happy 237th birthday. For some, it’s a celebration of the United States (I keep fighting the urge to say, “America”) declaring its independence... Continue reading
NKSmith, I'll get you a copy of Beautiful Disaster. Alicia, you can have the copy of Easy. Let me know which formats you want them in and I'll take care of the rest. Ben
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BENJAMIN LEROY You might not be able to keep up with the names in this story, and that’s ok, because I think some of them aren’t real. Twitter was alive yesterday with the story of novelist “Jordin B. Williams” and... Continue reading