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As an American I've always found it quite humerus, humourous, humorous that I can easily understand most British and Australian accents whereas I need subtitles to make out what someone with a strong Louisiana "bayou" accent is saying. In fact the only time I've needed subtitles to understand a British accent (aside from certain skits from The Benny Hill Show) is when I was watching an interview with the Gallagher Brothers of the band, Oasis. I was amazed to hear the question, "Do you know what I mean?", condensed into two syllables. As I'm sure that people who come to the South Jersey/Philadelphia area are amused by that fact that the bizarre word, "Jeet", is actually a question, "Did you eat?" or that the word, "Imago" pronounced, I-ma-go, actually means, "I am going to go".
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May 10, 2011