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Netflix as of today is HBO in the mid to late 1980's - in other words, it's just starting to get its feet wet. I also like how SOMEONE finally pointed out the obvious, that the premium channels like Showtime and HBO are now repositories for original content and movies are an afterthought. When you think HBO - you don't think that it's the network that carries movies, you think of it as the place to find their shows. Same w/ Showtime, especially considering they let three studios walk and form Epix on their own (hence the reason Netflx streaming members get newer releases in the first place). You will see Netflix, Amazon and other internet streaming companies bid on pay TV window rights to the studios in the next few years.
I love how the story is framed. Netflix simply licenses the show, and MRC is producing it and paying for it. Netflix has about as much to do with the show as they do with Cheers, only difference is, it's exclusive. I also think its just a way to get the show in the papers. There's complications all the time between producers and networks, and it ALWAYS gets resolved. It's all part of the game.
Fine by me. I'll continue to stream Netflix through my internet connection and continue to not give any more money than I have to. Nice going Comcast!
I won't miss it. The writing was on the wall once Sony pulled its movies in July 2011 and Disney and Starz renegotiated their deal. Thats why Netflix is pushing its TV content more than its movies and I'm fine with that. Epix titles have only become better in the last year as many of them have switched over to HD with surround sound. I don't like the 90 day delay but understand why it's in place.
Also, I can get HBO, Showtime and Starz shows (that are on DVD) on Netflix too
I just recently re-upped back to 1 DVD/Blu Ray at a time with streaming. For $19 a month including taxes, its STILL a bargain. Consider this, for HBO I would have to pay $19.95/month + tax, and while I have access to some of their shows, I only have access to semi-new and some older films through only a portion of the major studios. With Netflix, I get access to DVD's from ALL of the studios, and the new releases STILL arrive prior to thier airing on HBO, Starz, etc. The streaming is great too in the event there's an old movie that I haven't seen and there's TONS of great television shows and specials. It's the ultimate premium television service in my opinion, and there's not ONE company doing what they do. Even with all of the issues, name a company that meets or exceeds what Netflix offers.
I recently brought back the 1 DVD at a time plan back along with streaming, I use the DVD plan for the wider selection and new releases and Netflix can't be beat even with the price increase. I still stream A LOT but i found that I was still renting 4-6 new releases a month and it cost more, plus there's a handful of TV shows on there (Blue Bloods, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, HBO shows, etc) that will not be available on streaming anytime soon. Plus, even with the price increase, it's still the best deal around in comparison to the competition.
Good for Redbox...I recently brought back the DVD plan along with the streaming plan, and $19 a month is still worth it for me (I have the blu ray plan). I originally disliked the price increase but don't mind it so much now since it now increases the inventory of discs available for rental. It's also still a bargain in comparison to all of the other services out there. This company is damned if it does and damned if it doesn't sometimes
Well I guess I won't be watching HBO's programming over the next few years....oh well, their loss.
I agree with everyone here. I didn't mind the price increase so much because I almost felt compelled to watch a ton of blu rays and DVD's to justify the cost...and when I had 2 discs at a time, it was worse. Now I have streaming only and I'm fine with it. The selection is very good for the price and there's no discs to mail back, which is always a good thing. I was primarily using Netflix for television shows and now I'm doing the same thing. I do like that they added How I Met Your Mother and other shows to the lineup recently and sure it's a lot of old movies but that's OK too. The faster people begin to realize that streaming is a whole new animal like disc rentals by mail was 10-12 years ago, the better this transition will be.
I still haven't been able to figure out why the hostility towards Netflix, when all you have to do is just cancel your subscription and move on with your life. If you found something better, good for you. I still haven't found anything better than Netflix out there, maybe one of you former subscribers can point to where on Amazon, you can list the movies and TV shows you want to watch on a queue, or where they allow you to cancel your subscription anytime you want, or better yet - where Amazon allows you to stream movies and TV shows on my iPad or iPhone. Maybe someone can point out where I can subscribe to HBO GO or Blockbuster WITHOUT going through my cable company. The point is, Netflix is changing to an entirely different business model and is going through some much needed growing pains. I agree with one of the previous posts that alluded to prices going up, and I agree that they will. With those increased prices will likely include better and newer product, as Netflix will work out deals with the studios. It never ends the same way it starts, and look how far Netflix has come in only a few short years.
To amend my earlier statement, i'm seeing a LOT of news on Blockbuster forming thier own streaming service to compete with Netflix beginning next month. I have a feeling that Starz is moving over to Blockbuster, and will be essentially starting Blockbuster's streaming service. It actually makes a lot of sense if you think about it. Now that Dish owns Blockbuster, and is notorious for pulling channels off of its service when they can't reach a deal, Dish probably worked out a lucrative, exclusive deal with Starz which included rights to stream its movies through the Blockbuster on Demand service. If that's the case, then we have an interesting battle on our hands.
I kinda knew this would happen, as the Sony titles disappeared only to not appear again. But I agree with one of the earlier posters in that this is a negotiating tactic. Both companies will eventually come back to the table and come to an agreement. I can see the new deal being similar to the Epix deal, in which Netflix has to wait 90 days for new releases and TV shows to reappear. How Starz can easily turn down $300 million for basically 15 million more subscribers is beyond me. I dumped the DVD plan and I have the streaming plan now exclusively. You're paying $8 a month, so it is what it is. Other than that, Redbox is everywhere and VUDU has a 99 cent movie of the day which sometimes includes new releases. There's PLENTY of options.
After the price increase, I dropped down to streaming only for the next month. I'm personally fine with the increase, because it gives me an incentive to explore elsewhere for new movies. I have Vudu and Cinemanow on my Blu-Ray player, and the movies on there are $4-$6 each and can always use Redbox down the street for $1 to $1.50 a movie as well. Blockbuster sucks, and its the incompetant Dish management (the same one that has programming disputes with everyone under the sun all the time) that's causing a bad company to go even, no I won't be taking advantage of thier disc rental service. I have a lot more options now than ever before.
Not that big of a deal. I simply moved those films back to the top of the DVD queue. I'm on the 2 at a time Blu-Ray plan this month, so i'll get the movies on Blu-Ray.
I look at Netflix as a "premium" service in of itself mostly because I can get any movie I want (literally) on the DVD rental side, and can stream TONS of great shows and movies through my internet connection. I have the 2 disc at a time and its truly a bargain compared to everything else out there. I pay $18 a month for 2 blu-rays at a time w/ streaming. If you just rent new releases on DVD and stream the old shows and movies, its worth the cost and its MUCH cheaper than buying all of the different premium channels.
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May 12, 2011