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I have been having similar problems. Large chunks of my instant queue get thrown down into the saved section. Then they magically get put back up in the queue, but their order is all screwed up. I have called NFLX about this twice and they sound surprised each time. This is a pain for someone like me who likes to keep the queue in a certain order such as genre or stuff my kids can watch.all in one spot.
This has been a big problem for me lately. The past month or so, there have been little things changing, like 5 or 10 tv shows. But just the other day, about 50-75 movies got dumped down to the bottom of my queue in no discernible order in with my tv shows (which I keep at the end). THis is very frustrating as I keep it sorted so the TV my kids watch shows on doesn't have anything inappropriate near by in the queue. I called customer service a couple weeks ago and te rep sounded very concerned and told me that she would take note of it and tell somebody. Obviously I just made it worse.
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May 24, 2011