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Yeah, I was surprised to see that Roku2 wasn't on the list. Netflix really is letting itself go isn't it?
Shrek, Madagascar, How to Train Your Dragon....they do have a few good ones. But 2013? I probably won't be a Netflix member by then.
"the attention to detail put into its user experience is fanatical" I'm not so sure about this. There has been so much lack of attention to detail lately that I'm considering dropping my streaming only plan. Open your streaming queue on the Netflix website and go to a TV series you've previously added. Now how do I watch a specific episode? I can't. I have to search for the series outside of my queue, then I can select the episode I want to watch. This is only one of a number of "attention to detail" issues I've had recently. So for someone to say they're fanatical about this???? Really????? Do you even have a Netflix account?
"model threatened the development the subscription video-on-demand market" Where were they when the Netflix model was threatening the Blockbuster model?
The $14.99 price for Rango on Vudu is to buy it. That's not the rental price, which isn't available until tomorrow. But, I agree that Vudu isn't really a competitor of Netflix. I don't even think it's a competitor of Redbox until they get the majority, if not all, of their titles at the $1 price point. I think the number one criteria for a company to be competing would be that they have to offer unlimited streaming at a fixed price. Even if it's $20/month and they do something like all new releases, I'd still consider that competing with Netflix.
I would agree that Netflix is turning into a soulless company. I, for one, am not directly affected by the price increase because I've had a streaming only plan for some months now. But, there are many other decisions Netflix has made that are based more on their relationship with Wall Street and less on their relationship with customers. The price increase is only one example. There are two types of innovation. The kind that's good for customers and the kind that makes customers cringe. Netflix innovation is increasingly the latter. They used to be really really good, now they're just so so in my book.
"this news does remind me of another company that developes user-friendly hardware but manages to keep their loyal customers buying "the next version" over and over again" I thought you were talking about Western Digital with their WD TV Gen1, WD TV Gen2, WD TV Mini, WD TV Live, WD TV Live Plus, and WD TV Live Hub that they release all within a two year period.
The big question over at the Roku Blog seems to be around supporting the older models. I'd like to know that as well because right now I don't see a huge need for me to go buy a new one. The one thing that would get me to buy a new one would be if they had a more robust feature set for playing local media. I'm using a WD HD TV right now and while it supports quite a few formats, I have more issues with it than I do with my Roku player. I was happy when they got Netflix support and considered upgrading for that reason but have only heard bad things about that. If Roku could make the simple Netflix+LocalMedia player, I'd upgrade in a hurry.
Hmmm... apparently Mike Dunn likes Avatar more than I do. Am I the only one that thought the best thing Avatar had going for it was the bright colors? Everything else, plot included, was mediocre at best.
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May 27, 2011