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Society’s standing behind its elderly isn’t an "entitlement", which the rems and dems have been calling Medicare, Social Security, etc., for months, we give them, it’s a gift we’re returning; which should be returned in full- briefly, it’s a civil right. While many families in our community continue to struggle to find work and make ends meet, Republicans are threatening to hold the entire economy hostage in order to cut Medicare and preserve the Bush tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. The Republicans want to abolish Medicare as we know it. We can’t leave seniors to the mercy of the private insurance companies and make them pay even more for health care. Yet, even supposed progressive dems are sliding towards the dinos collaborating with the rems, in order to enable the scalpel-in-chief's "thinning" Medicare for the rems and the corporate structure; when it was already "thinned" in the Affordable healthcare and health(s)care reform (bail-out the industry) bills- we must not give in, the elderly, and handicapped, etc., need us all, now! Advocate, fully support the Community First Choice Option, etc.! reality
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May 29, 2011