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Here some photos from Oden that are nice: 1st of August Ice at 88°14,3´N 037°55,4´W Tracks at 85N 5E
Rob Dekker, Did you read the article by Krishfield et al (2008)? This is a quote from chapter 6a (Instrument performance): When the ice velocity approaches 50 cm s-1, we observe that profilers have trouble climbing the inclined tether against the relative current, and at such times only partial profiles are occupied. and In the Beaufort Sea region, these times are rare: fewer than 4% of the scheduled profiles attempted by ITPs 1 through 6 (6620 total as of January 2008) failed to sample at least 700 m of the water column, and less than 1% (only 41 profiles total) sampled less than 10 m of the water column. The velocity reached at the time of the storm was above 70cm/s.
Rob Dekker, It's unclear how significant that effect still is by now, but ITP53 data still an "unstable" situation below the surface, of cool. fresh surface water on top of warmer salty water some 50 meter below the surface I think the bouy has stopped collecting data. See the link below which suggests the last data is from the 13th of august.
New MODIS composite image out!
The researchers onboard the icebreaker Oden run a blog (in swedish) where you can comment. They are very close to the pole (at N 88.37° W 65.76°). I am going to ask them a couple of questions and wonder if there is anything you guys would want to know?
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This weeks MODIS composite image is out. This is what a huge storm and two weeks of melting looks like 2012: Before After
Toggle Commented Aug 15, 2012 on Arctic summer storm open thread 1 at Arctic Sea Ice
Sorry about the links in my previous post. Would you please correct the broken links, Neven? [Fixed, N.] I should also have mentioned to press "Plot of ITP Buoy Status" to read drift speeds over time on the last link. /Daniel
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2012 on Arctic summer storm open thread 1 at Arctic Sea Ice
I really don't think the buoy data from the super-storm is reliable. Looking at the profile for buoy 53 a breakdown of stratification barriers seems to have occurred approximately 25-30 days before the storm. Why was that? In an article by Krishfield et al (2008) under a chapter discussing instrument performance of prototype ITPs (chapter 6a) they say the buoys had difficulties collecting profiles when the ice speed was larger than 50cm/s. In some cases the buoys failed to sample more than 10 meters down. Looking at the drift speed of buoy 53 at the time of the storm it was around 60-70cm/s. This is incredibly high. 25-30 days before the super-storm the drift speed was also over 50cm/s. /Daniel
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2012 on Arctic summer storm open thread 1 at Arctic Sea Ice
Rob Dekker/ Looking at the 0-250m or the 0-700m profile of ITP53 it is difficult to tell what is different now from what happened some 25 days ago (around day 560). The same mixing occurred then, and the profile was soon thereafter restored. Also the top 25 meters had some green color (warmer water) just before the storm which is now light blue (colder). I guess what I am trying to say is that perhaps this is not that uncommon. It would be very nice with more bouys now.
Toggle Commented Aug 10, 2012 on Peeking through the clouds 3 at Arctic Sea Ice
See this discussion on Taminos blog:
Toggle Commented Jul 6, 2012 on PIOMAS July 2012 at Arctic Sea Ice
Tim & Nightvid/ Aren't these huge swings we have seen lately on PIOMAS-graphs there because the annual cycle itself has changed? I remember Tamino discussing something similar. Plotting anomalies doesn't remove the annual cycle but the average (1979-2011) annual cycle. That means the anomaly curve will very likely go back up and be within 2sigma soon again.
Toggle Commented Jul 6, 2012 on PIOMAS July 2012 at Arctic Sea Ice
Are these animal tracks on cam #1 today?
Toggle Commented Jul 3, 2012 on Webcam art at Arctic Sea Ice
The ice bridge has collapsed today.
FrankD/ There are cracks in the eastern buttress also today.
There are some fairly strong winds towards the Canadian archipelago. Anyone has a guess what that will do to the ice there?
I am stuggeling to understand many things today. When I look att a graph of wind speeds in the Arctic I see maximum winds of 15 to 24 knots over the ice-sheet today. Acoording to this page that means moderate breeze to strong breeze. Did the storm only last one day or am I missing something?
Chris Biscan/ At WUWT they arranged a poll, just like the ones Neven has. So it was up to the readers to guess. However, instead of calculating an average of all votes, Watts simply submitted the single result with most votes. Had he calculated an average the June and July predictions would have been much higher than 5.1 and 5.0...
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2011 on Flash melting at Arctic Sea Ice
What's the wind speed in meters/second where this storm is, anyone?
Perhaps we will pass WUWT's July forecast today. Link: SEARCH July report.
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2011 on Flash melting at Arctic Sea Ice
That's great Neven and it is indeed an excellent resource!
Timothy Chase’s last post describes something I have been thinking of before. I regularly visit this blog but still find it difficult to follow many of the discussions. Neven’s posts are very well written and easy to follow, but the comment section often contains difficult acronyms which makes the many great comments difficult to understand for newer readers. I suggest you add a link at the top of the page where first time visitors can go and get some basic stuff explained, Neven. It would be great to get some common terms and acronyms explained (Arctic Oscillation, Buys Ballots law, Dipole anomaly, etc). Perhaps a map of the Arctic, examples of the most common ways that sea ice in the Arctic decreases and some words about the different daily graphs would be useful as well? I think that would make more first time visitors stay.
You're in denial Peter. And I don't want to check if the pictures are there or not, because I know everything is fine. :)
...or press F5 while on the page where the thumbnails are.
Daniel Bailey/ Webcam #1 is running fine. Sometimes you must go to their archive to get the latest image. It's just the quick-link on the home page that are not up to date. Latest Cam#1 is now following The Typepad Team
Jun 20, 2011