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Less apologies and more streaming titles please. I said most people would quit if they didn't get more titles and I am not noticing any improvement. People are leaving. More streaming TITLES please.
I meant to say before the price increase is in effect in September, NOT effective (effective is the last thing the price increase will be, counter productive, yes). Sorry.
If they don't get better streaming content before the price increase is effective, people are going to quit earlier than I thought they would. I know I will cancel mine.
In your case that's not a big increase. With my current plan, I would have to pay double though. If I wanted to pay more than $20, then, like I said, I would just go for cable and get free live TV streaming and on demand without any limit on the number of devices (as far as I know) Again, many websites do stream many of the same shows legally. So yeah your price increase is not that bad, but mine is.
Also, the quality problems with streaming are horrible. Some days it won't even work for hours (when people come back from work, right when they would love to relax and watch some nice show). On a side note, cable and satellite companies now give you streaming for free with their monthly plan. The streaming is live TV and on I don't see a problem with that(except that I am not sure you can use that with Roku or Apple TV). Combined with Clicker or Amazon Prime like I mentioned earlier, it would be nice.
I am trying to call them and let them know, but their line is not working... I wonder if it is because customers are making the line busy by giving them a call to express their disappointment. I hope they are. I know I will once it works.
If the streaming option had enough variety I would not mind. Most of the shows and movies I want to watch are not available streaming. The DVD-streaming combination is perfect. The price hike is just huge,we would have to pay double for what we have now. No way. This is just a way to ask me to quit, and in fact, I will quit Netflix by September 2011. Bye bye Netflix. Welcome back cable (at least cable is up to date). I can use Clicker for streaming, or even use my Amazon Prime account to watch tons of shows. Nice try though Netflix. You won't be getting my money anymore.
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Jul 12, 2011