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After many years of fighting to stop gender stereotypes ad makers are still using them. Everywhere in ads women are only seen by their stereotypes. For example they are seen as sex objects, seductresses, and have the ideal body image. This add by gucci employs all of these stereotypes. This add in fact targets women to buy this fragrance which is very interesting. This add reinforces the stereotypes of women as sex objects, seductresses, and having an ideal body image. The girl in this add exemplifies the look of a seductress, as well as having the ideal body image. For... Continue reading
The article I read was on Gender-Neutral speech and you can find it here. Gender-Neutral Speech's Effects. This Article discusses the affects of using neutral speech in America. It talks about a study done back in 1984 that was done with children. The Children in this study were told to write a story and most of them were about a man when the first sentence had the word "he" in it. It was interesting to see how the simple use of one word makes people write about a man or woman. Also this article goes on to describe the affect... Continue reading
Ever since the film industry has been in existence directors have constantly used books to craft their films. For example Peter Jackson's "Lord Of The Rings" and the "Harry Potter" movies were based off of books. The real question is did the audience enjoy them? The fact is movies leave out so many key details that the books contain. Reading a book is a lot better than watching a movie based off of a book. The reader gets to know the entire story not just a snip-it that the director thought would make a good movie. When someone reads a... Continue reading
This hilarious example of Satire was produced by Bad Lip Reading a channel on YouTube. The new aritist used parody to imitate the original song although he completely changed the meaning. The song was a parody of the Original song Haven't Met You Yet by Michael Buble` and it was very well done even according to him. Also the writer of this used situational irony. He took the video and made is seem that Buble` was saying all these random things. Not only did he do this but he matched it up perfectly to make it look like he was... Continue reading
The subject of diversity and race have been prevalent in American thinking for many years. Certain stereotypes have been created about certain races as evident in this episode of the Office. Race has been a central part to American culture dating all the way back to the times of slavery. During the times of Slavery certain stereotypes were created about African Americans that simply were not true. These stereotypes were created because race is a social construction. People make it up. Race in America is not just about the color of your skin it deals with education, careers, and even... Continue reading
Transcendentalism is present throughout the entire movie The Last of the Mohicans. Nathaniel Poe the main character was a white man who was raised by indians. Although he was raised by Indians he still has sympathy for the white men of America. However when the British and French begin waging war he is caught between two worlds. He does not know which path he should follow. When Nathaniel follows his heart and goes out into nature he is becoming a transcendentalist. He runs through the forest following every clue and sensing a disturbance of nature. He even hunts down the... Continue reading
While one is reading the Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne one cannot but wonder why Hester Pryne's child Pearl is so different. Hester almost seemed as if she was afraid of the child. The text says that Hester's, "only comfort was when the child lay in the placidity of sleep."(181). Why is this the case. I believe that Pearl was possessed by some type of demonic spirit to punish Hester for what she did. The child's defiance to the norms of society is like Hester. Hester committed adultery and became an outcast of society. Now she lived in a old... Continue reading
The concept of romanticism is everywhere in today's culture. Most examples of romanticism are in visual art such as films or paintings and drawings. One film that exemplifies the themes of romanticism is the film "Into the wild" directed by Sean Penn. In this film Christopher McCandless gives away all his possessions and goes off into the woods in Alaska. Authors and poets during the period of Romanticism withdrew from society and went off to explore nature. They hoped to become one with the rest of creation and nature. Christopher like Henry David Thoreau who was a famous romanticist thinker... Continue reading
When Obama first came on the news proclaiming Osama Bin Laden's death one thought he would be very serious. He was in fact serious in his demeanor but he used numerous logical fallacies in his speech. His use of logical fallacies helped everyone jump on his bandwagon. The first logical fallacy he used was the sob story logical fallacy. He attempted to win americans over when he talked about 9/11. He appealed to our emotions when he talked about its affect on families. "The empty seat at the dinner table. Children who were forced to grow up without their mother... Continue reading
When Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer ended I couldn't help but want more. The entire story was leading up to one point and that point somehow disappeared. The ending was lost but I couldn't help think that it was for a reason. When Oskar first finds his father's key in the closet I wanted to find out what it was for. However as the story goes the key seems to lose its once thought incredible value and just turns out to be to a lock box. I thought that the key would unlock a secret to... Continue reading
The song Sadie Hawkins Dance by Relient K reflects many American ideologies. For one it says that the jocks of the school are the football players;and they always get with the cheerleaders. In the song it says, "I found a good spot by the cheerleaders eating-The quarterback asked me if I'd like a beating." In America this is prevalent in our high schools. The football players are told to be the coolest guys in the school and not pay attention to the "unpopular" kids. The song also supposes the role that guys have to wait on girls. The song says,"All... Continue reading
Obama used pathos to a great affect in his speech. His speech appealed to all Americans not just the poor and not just the rich it appealed to everyone. He criticized America when he said that we are laying off teachers and not helping America's children. This part appealed to parents that want their children to succeed and go far in life. Obama is really trying to make America what it really should be and that is United. He wants to improve our economy and environment. Obama in the American Job's Act wants to boost the economy and still help... Continue reading
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Sep 8, 2011