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In John Tucker Must Die, we meet three girls who team up with the help of the new girl in town to destroy John Tucker - the popular guy who played them all and broke their hearts. The three girls use the new girl (Kate; played by Brittany Snow) to trick John Tucker into liking her so she may break his heart right when he falls in love. They are very consistent with their plan because they have experienced the tactics that John Tucker uses to woo girls. John Tucker is viewed as a player and the girls even use... Continue reading
There are numerous differences betwen the movie and novel of "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close." When I read the book months ago, I envisioned the characters so much differently than how they were in the movie. I always thought that Oskar's parents would be a younger couple. In the movie, Sandra Bullock and Tom Hanks seem a little aged to have an eight year old son. I believed that the biggest difference was the lack of a Ron. To me, Ron seemed like a pretty important character in the story and I felt like it was impossible to develop the... Continue reading
The Venetian Princess has been known to criticize modern day culture through her parody use of music videos. In her parody of "Tik Tok," she makes fun of Snooki, the notorious celebrity known for her corrupted life and outgoing personality. The Venetian Princess describes Snooki saying things such as, "Wake up in the morning, going to find me a Guido..." She even makes a parodic comment describing the famous Snooki hairstyle, "Give the poof its own area code." This is an example of a parody because the Venetian Princess uses ridicule to make fun of Snooki's eventful life.nOne of the... Continue reading
As we finish reading The Scartlett Letter, we realize that Hester Prynne is not the sinner everyone in Salem claims her to be. She made one mistake, and because tradition and the biblical sense she was also viewed as an unfit mother. Hester Prynne may be labeled as a bad person, her ambitions and intentions say otherwise. Her innocence shows frequentley throughout the book -- claiming that she is not the antagonist; she is indeed the innocent protagonist. In The Last of the Mohicans, Daniel Day Lewis plays Nathaniel Poe, a Native American who has superiority in his community and... Continue reading
Romanticism flows throughout our culture every day. One of the leading ways of expressing romanticism is through film. One film showing clear romanticism is the critically aclaimed movie Stand By Me. Its messaes of expression and feeling are displayed throughout. In the film Stand By Me, four friends go on a trip in hopes of discovering a dead body. While going through numerous complications through the journey, the boys learn new life lessons based on the environment around them. In "Where I Lived, and What I Lived For," by Henry David Thoreau, Thoreau explains the cliches of live and how... Continue reading
The Apple Company released the iPhone 4 in June of 2010 with elevating sales. Even though the sales for the "revolutionary" phone have gone through the roof, advertisements for the phone are still being shown on television. One of their main subjects in the advertisement -- "if you don't have an iPhone..." has been viewed as an accurate list of facts for the shiny new toy, when they are really nothing but opinions. The advertisements are an example of Non-Sequitor because it does not truly follow the premise. One of the examples is, "If you don't have an iPhone, then... Continue reading
In the ending of our cherished novel Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close we learn about a series of events that could be described as very unpredictable. The book ends on sort of a neutral level. It ends both positively and negatively. I must credit Jonathan Safran Foer for his exceeding level of creativity throughout the story, but it one may also believe that he may have gotten a tad lazy in the end if the book. What I enjoyed about the ending was primarily the identity of the renter. It is nice to know that the love and spirit of... Continue reading
It is ture, many teenagers will lie about themselves to raise their social status, although in the movie Easy A, the reputation of one girl is exxagerating the regular teenager's behavior. Not so many people would agree that the events in the movie would truly happen. Near the beginning of the movie, teenager Olive Penderghast lies about losing her virginity in order to gain herself a bold reputation. The movie is basically translating in real life that in order to be "popular" sexual reputations have to be accomplished. Olive Penderghast believes that many people would follow into her footsteps to... Continue reading
On September 8, 2011, President Barak Obama gave a speech to the nation about enforcing Health Insurance. In the beginning, he begins to elaborate about how insuarance companies are dropping their customers' insurance when needed the most. President Obama is using Pathos when he talks about the nation. Later on, President Obama expresses how one half of the house stresses that the government should step in when Americans need their health insurance the most. He then says that the other half of the house should depend on the Americans to get the insurance on their own. This is an expample... Continue reading
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