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mother, beginner sewiss, and life long learner
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I've had some ideas churning, and last night I had some basic supplies on hand to refurbish and a couple of hours to get crafty. Here are the very stress free results! Pre-reader morning routine chart, which I made from yarn, poster board scraps, and a (tattered) vintage book from... Continue reading
Posted Dec 31, 2011 at senseMaking
What more do I need to bee cool than this vintage hot pad embroidered by my grandmother??!! I have been doing some after holiday re-organizing of my sewing and craft supplies this night (big job, by the way), and this was in the sewing stash she passed along to me... Continue reading
Posted Dec 29, 2011 at senseMaking
It is no secret, I really like Tsh Oxenreider's Organized Simplicity: The Clutter-Free Approach to Intentional Living. I have highly recommended this read to anyone willing to listen. I must admit, though, my own house looks a little "cluttered" these days. For this season though, with all of our various... Continue reading
Posted Dec 13, 2011 at senseMaking
I keep meaning to say how much I enjoy the way you have the colorful nesting items separated on the shelf here. Or, is this your son's work? I would not have thought to put them out this way, but I love it!
Toggle Commented Dec 1, 2011 on a room of one's own at Sew Liberated
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Jennifer, I would love to see it! That was a really fun class and I actually think about that time every time I see you post on facebook! I really appreciate you taking time to share your thoughts with me for the blog.
Holiday book talk with some mothers/educators I admire! Jennifer Moses, Piaf Azul, and Brinda Roy share thoughts about children's literature and reading! Jennifer Moses is a mother, kindergarten teacher, and farmer! I know Jennifer because we are from the same home town and we went to the same small high... Continue reading
Posted Nov 29, 2011 at senseMaking
I'm working on a very patchy table cloth tent or "fort." My kids were under there playing even while I had the fabric on the table for measurements. Funny about the cat. Our cat's favorite spot is on the bean bag under my daughter's play canopy, in her bedroom. He exits when she enters as well.
Toggle Commented Nov 9, 2011 on a room of one's own at Sew Liberated
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I just adore the clipboards with the vintage Mother Goose pages. All of this is just really inviting. Such an inspiration.
Toggle Commented Nov 8, 2011 on on the way out the door at Sew Liberated
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MUST watercolor leaves now! Thanks for sharing.
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Children get hurt (on the inside and out), things are broken, disappointments happen, we experience loss, and growing pains ebb in and out of our lives. Often the role of motherhood, or personhood for that matter, implores us to do something! You know, to comfort and help on the road... Continue reading
Posted Nov 7, 2011 at senseMaking
Rotting jack-o'-lanterns to go back to the earth Our nasturtium blooms There's a newly loaded bobbin on the machine for a weekend project, cutting and pinning already done Stay tuned on Monday for more about this project and for interviews/fall table talk with Amy Chichester and Sunni Zuniga, both warm... Continue reading
Posted Nov 4, 2011 at senseMaking
I also made her a third, in a royal blue, but didn't get pictures. I found each pillowcase at Goodwill for $1.49 each. I had the ribbon in stock. I had intended to post about our little garden, but I woke up feeling the need for an internet free rest... Continue reading
Posted Oct 28, 2011 at senseMaking
The Montessori inspired "daily walk" is something I prioritize each week day and most weekends. This is a child-paced walk, and is guided by my daughter's interests. How far we go depends on many variables, such as how many leaves or rocks or insects she stops to observe. We might... Continue reading
Posted Oct 27, 2011 at senseMaking
Fourth interview: Rhonda Baird shares about her dolls, other artistic endeavors, thoughts about fitness, and other intriguing stuff! Rhonda Baird is a very talented mother, artist, doll designer, and runner. Rhonda earned her BA in Studio Art from The University of Texas at Austin in Painting and Drawing. She earned... Continue reading
Posted Oct 24, 2011 at senseMaking
The orange box is thrifted Coasters are easy to make and useful. I find them essential to protect our furniture. I crafted these to match our fall table runner and banner. These, bellow, are the (currently stashed away) spring/summer coasters I made the fall coasters out of some placemats found... Continue reading
Posted Oct 19, 2011 at senseMaking
Mostly thrifted I'm looking forward to more spontaneous pit stops at the park, especially on the way home from grocery shopping. This is picnic season here in Austin, TX. Glorious, glorious fall! If we do plan ahead, we can pack this little cutie with food and place in the larger... Continue reading
Posted Oct 18, 2011 at senseMaking
Analog time-telling, a little review for the 8-year old Laminated National Geographic animal cards, being enjoyed by the 17-month old Continue reading
Posted Oct 17, 2011 at senseMaking
Timely...with my recent obsession with burlap, my new friend Paige just passed along the link to these stockings she is considering making for her family. A D O R A B L E! If we didn't already have charming, handmade stockings loved by our family, I would definitely make these.... Continue reading
Posted Oct 15, 2011 at senseMaking
A bit about where I'm coming from Since talking with Michelle Mattalino a few weeks back, I have spent quite a bit of time thinking about the influence of fear on behavior and relationships. I think our fears, and our experiences with being in fear states, are so important to... Continue reading
Posted Oct 14, 2011 at senseMaking
I really enjoyed the close ups of your space. I know what you mean about trade offs. In the bigger scheme of things the very intentional time investment spent on creating a very functional, frequently used space will promote more order/tidiness. You can always catch up on the laundry...once of the constants of family life. I adore your blog. So inspiring.
Toggle Commented Oct 9, 2011 on the studio up close at Sew Liberated
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Perhaps it would make more sense for me to stay away from the (ribbon) clearance bin at Michael's. The first few savings were, perhaps, sensible. At this point I must admit to stocking this faster than I can use it. See, so many opportunities to learn. Continue reading
Posted Oct 5, 2011 at senseMaking
I love your blog, and the corn pit. What a place! Thank you for sharing about the books as well. The healing stories book sounds very timely.
Toggle Commented Oct 4, 2011 on brothers at Sew Liberated
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These bookmarks, made from some of my fabric scraps, were easy and fun to sew. I think they would make great stocking stuffers, but I was inspired to make them as birthday gifts for my brother and sister in law. My brother and sister inn law are both serious readers,... Continue reading
Posted Sep 30, 2011 at senseMaking
Thanks Deepa! I appreciate your support. I enjoyed learning more about Michelle too!
We spent most of today at one of my favorite spots in the Austin area, Krause Springs. It was a beautiful day. The temperature was very comfortable in the morning, but warm enough for swimming. Despite the drought, there is still a beautiful and refreshing watering hole. I had been... Continue reading
Posted Sep 24, 2011 at senseMaking