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Sassmouth Sisters
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Crap! I posted as Sassmouth because it was from my phone. And I don't know how to change it. Love, Bridget.
Wait! What ha happened? I was just saying that so our readers with dangly old man balls wouldn't feel bad. They're not my (peach) bag either!! Everyone is entitled to his/her preferences. But hey, we don't have any readers's just us... Talking about balls to each other on the Internet.
And here I thought Wendy Williams was a poor man's Tyra Banks... Also: how can I change it so I'm not commenting using the royal we (Sassmouth Sisters)? And I don't want directions...I want you or Jo to fix it for me while I have a Popsicle on the porch (Dad said I could).
Because I Plan To Piss Excellence Again in the Future. Title case, because I may make that a category as well because you felt the need to point out my lack of familiarity with TypePad.
Toggle Commented Oct 5, 2011 on Because I Piss Excellence... at Sassmouth
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Oct 3, 2011