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And so all things come to pass. Thankfully, the most repugnant thing in Canada today has come to pass, at least for the time being, as the Quebec PQ Government, headed by socialist xenophobe Pauline Marois, heads to the polls on 7 April. Marois has declared her Government is fighting against corruption left behind by the Liberals, which is ironic given the Charbonneau Commission will cease hearings for the duration of the election. The message mustn’t have got through to the Commission, which was supposed to be the gold standard with which Marois could beat the Grits across the head... Continue reading
Posted Mar 12, 2014 at Menzies House
Keith Topolski looks at how Rob Ford can admit to drug use, yet retain steady approval as Toronto Mayor. Basic human psychology tells us that people don’t like to be wrong. They don’t like to be told they’re wrong, either. In 2010, the city of Toronto was a basketcase because it was being used to create a socialist utopia. As Kelly McParland in the National Post writes: Voters were fed up with eight years of financial profligacy by a left-wing council that treated the city like a cookie jar they could use to finance personal fantasy projects. Grass roofs, bike... Continue reading
Posted Nov 18, 2013 at Menzies House
Keith Topolski examines the latest bout of xenophobia to spew forth from Quebec. The most memorable line from the classic film Forrest Gump was about a box of chocolates being compared to life. The second most famous line, to my mind at least, was ‘Stupid is as Stupid does’. The Government of Quebec, headed by the famously anti-anything-that-isn’t-French Pauline Marois, recently demonstrated it’s intellectual bankruptcy by finding a way for a province in one of the strongest Western economies, indeed global economies, to shed 30,000 jobs in a single month. Now, the non-stupid response would have been to try and... Continue reading
Posted Sep 4, 2013 at Menzies House
Very much so Jon. In terms of comparisons with Australia economically, WA is similar to Saskatechewan, Alberta and Newfoundland. Quebec is similar to Tasmania/ACT, Victoria similar to Ontario and NSW similar to British Columbia. If he has a job in Alberta, the only way is up, unless the Premier goes for a MSPT like Rudd.
John S: There is nothing wrong with wanting to preserve your culture and heritage. It is when the preservation of this history requires laws to prevent people from conducting their lives in a free manner that it becomes an issue to be discussed. As to your last point, Quebec may be acknowledged by legislation as 'a nation within a nation', but it still abides by the Canadian constitution. Ergo, it remains a province, not a country. Jon H: Secession of Quebec has been an issue since Canada was first established. Yes, the landlock poses an issue given the Atlantic provinces would be cut off from the rest of Canada. However, economic issues pose a bigger question, as well as the cultural values. While the majority of non-QC Canada may be Anglophone, it still has a significant Franco presence, especially in New Brunswick, where the last census showed English and French in equal presence (Although on a north-French, south-English basis). Oldskool: They also have a crucifix in the 'national' assembly and ban the wearing of religious icons by civil servants and while in govt buildings. I think they're confused as to whether they are Communist, Fascist, ultra-religious, anti-conservative or just plain deluded.
Keith Topolski discusses how being an upstanding citizen is being turned into a crime in Quebec. Ever since the French and English fought over the new continent actually discovered by an Italian, there has been tension in Quebec over who is dominant: Anglophones or Francophones. Although it has long been established that, for the Anglos, Quebec is the one place in Canada where you are not in the majority on this question, it has not been until recently that Anglophones have been made to feel unwelcome in their own homes. Bill 101 has been law in Quebec for many years,... Continue reading
Posted Mar 5, 2013 at Menzies House
Keith Topolski examines how one fast food outlet stood up to leftist elites and exposed the left's inner dictator. In the past, to be branded chicken was to have your courage brought into question. Perhaps now to be branded chicken should mean that your courage is unquestioned. American chicken outlet Chick Fil-A has either found itself the target of either a vicious smear campaign by progressive whingers or exposed itself as a Christian fundamentalist cult, depending on who you listen to. What exactly created this furore? Chick Fil-A owner Dan Cathy had the temerity, the spite, the vindictiveness to, wait... Continue reading
Posted Aug 1, 2012 at Menzies House
As the west slowly but surely turns over what last remnants of freedom exist to the new dictatorship of the latte elite, one wonders where freedom went, what happened to it, and why. However, we should ask ourselves whether the west ever truly embraced freedom, or whether the French revolution merely marked one unelected mob of elitist snobs taking over from another. This piece in the National Post by George Jonas considers this very point. So, are we throwing freedom away, or did we never even know freedom to begin with. I'll let you decide. I wrote in a recent... Continue reading
Posted Feb 19, 2012 at Menzies House
Keith Topolski examines how the world's longest serving conservative government has sold out-or been bought out. With a provincial election looming by 31 May, Albertans are faced with a unique question: Will the Alberta Government become the longest serving democratically elected government in history? The ruling Progressive Conservative party has ruled Alberta since 1971, and its predecessor, the conservative Social Credit Party, reigned from 1935. Not for 77 years has Alberta been faced with a government that is not of a conservative persuasion. But is that last statement actually true? Last Thursday, the Progressive-Conservative Government, now led by Alison Redford,... Continue reading
Posted Feb 12, 2012 at Menzies House
Keith Topolski discusses the latest victim of polictically correct defamation. Not content with trying to ruin the lives of people in general with their levels of astounding incompetence, the latest target of the left is one of this nation's most respected individuals. After stating the bloody obvious, Father Chris Riley has been accused of corruption by resident gibberers Xenophon, Wilkie and Tim Costello for, horror, daring to claim that extortion mandatory pre-commitment is not the correct way to go about helping people. Now, although there is little to like about Peter Garrett, at least he had the decency to roll... Continue reading
Posted Dec 7, 2011 at Menzies House
Keith Topolski marks a great day for Canadian free speech. We have recently seen the disgraces of the Racial Discrimination Act in prosecuting and, indeed, persecuting leading conservative columnist and blogger Andrew Bolt for no other reason than he offended a few delicate petals by calling for an end to racism. This law is clearly an attempt to shut down debate and needs to be removed. And indeed, there is hope. And yet again, it comes from the brilliant conservative government in Canada led by Stephen Harper. Courtesy of Ezra Levant in the Toronto Sun, read on to see what... Continue reading
Posted Nov 21, 2011 at Menzies House
With the constant babbling of the Greens and socialist left about the 'evils' of mandatory detention, I thought it quite interesting to read this piece in the normally socialist Toronto Sun, which promotes the virtues of mandatory detention. When even the true bastion of socialist crap in Canada's most left leaning city (Save for anything in Quebec) starts promoting mandatory detention, perhaps the Greens might do well to learn to, you know, read... Oh, and for Jula Gillard and her band of merry thieves, take note of the very last sentence. Last week it was dozens of Hungarian Roma landing... Continue reading
Posted Oct 31, 2011 at Menzies House
Humphrey Appleby would be appalled at what is going on in Canada right now. Granted the performance bonus being offered to Departmental bosses would be tempting, it still means drastic cuts to the Federal Bureaucracy. And when I say cuts, I'm not kidding. Continue reading
Posted Oct 25, 2011 at Menzies House
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