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oh Epson, how do I love thee, let us count the ways... The planned obsolescence, in not creating firmwire/driver updates which bridge system changes. It is a (green) crime to have to dump a perfectly good printer because Epson does not want to service customers when customers update systems/computers. The 2200 lost some function with the change from OS9 to OSX. (Apple is incredibly guilty of this too. I just dumped two older units at the hazmat recycling dump. Have two others under the desk, and will have to get a third soon as mu main unit is not Intel literate - though still a strong, capable machine). The error messages, default back print settings, and printing which just stops midway through :(( The drips of ink, and smudged edges, and tracked ink across the pages. The price of ink!!! ";O The paper feed which continually jams, or circulates page after page - unprinted! (Even with regular stationary). Epson's apparent inability to address these issues. .................................................................... Ctein, thank you for the review! It does sound quite tempting, however every time I hit one of the snags above, I swear I'll never buy another Epson again. Then I wonder if the competition doesn't have it's own set of issues to frustrate, and pick our pockets. But another reason not to buy this printer is my lack of volume. I'm still using a 2200, on (the last Apple) non-Intel machine. The photography business is crap these days, and I don't print that many larger prints, that the occasional outsourced Lambda, lightjet, or large format inkjet wont service in a more economic manner. In fact my bigger ocassional prints tend to be much bigger than 17". Since this printer is working so well, you must have lost interest in the last of your dye transfer materials. I may have some room in the garage ";P. btw - how does the 3880 handle a crisp business letter on recycled business stationary?
Toggle Commented Apr 23, 2011 on Why I Love My Epson 3880 at The Online Photographer
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Apr 23, 2011