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Royal Caribbean has some class people working for them. I worked at Hyatt Regency Miami and our CEO Darrel Hartley Leonard was meeting with Royal Carribeans CFO and they decided they wanted to have lunch at Joe's Stone Crab in Miami Beach. So I drove them over in the hotel Town Car and dropped them off. They got in line with 20 or 30 locals and were just standing around waiting for the line to move forward because they hadn't bothered to use their positions to jump the line by calling in favors. Most big wigs would have had their people call Joe's people and jump to the front of the line.
Tamar and Dalat alone would have changed the strength of Israel's economy for the better. When Leviathan comes on line it will complete the transformation of Israel, and when you combine this with the water from the Ashdod and Soreq desalination plants? Israel is going to bloom in a way that the region has never seen before in modern times. I saw recently that Lebanon has started to contract with outside drilling companies to explore for gas fields in their territorial waters. The problem is that even if they find gas, the wealth probably won't work its way down to the Lebanese people.
The way I read the article was that the $1.2Bn development and tooling expense was billed on the 21,000 Volts that sold by the end of August. It didn't count the 5,000 Amperas or cost the development expense over the life cycle of the car, it seemed to think that a Volt built in the first couple years should pay for the entire cost of developing the EREV concept. That is not how cars are built in the real world. The Volt is a great car, and its main problem, MSRP, is getting better.
I have been looking at buying a used 2011 Chevy Volt and they are selling for the same price at 18,000 miles as they sold for new, after tax credit of course. These cars are not depreciating much at all. The extra 3 miles of range on the 2013 is nice, but it isn't changing the demand for the older Volts. I have decided to wait, save for a larger down payment and buy a 2013 with leather, sans Nav. The Leaf has had some bad press from owners in hotter areas, but they are still doing pretty well, despite it.
Nick, to some extent I agree with you, but I think when you look at the bigger picture, you have a MUCH better chance of avoiding MOST accidents in a nimbler vehicle. In a head on with a semi, my old Silverado ain't going to help me much more than the Sonic's airbags, though. And hauling around a Silverado when I am not carrying my motorcycles and it is just me... I haven't owned a subcompact car since my '93 civic ex, but this Sonic looks nice.
So Toyota raises the bet against the FFH in the "Not Quite As Efficient As A Prius" game. Then Ford responds by doubling down with a claim that within 8 months the FFH will see "A complete redesign of the Ford Fusion line-up is schedule for model years 2013.[50] The Fusion Hybrid is expected to use a new compact lithium-ion battery pack and an updated powertrain, shared by the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid, that is expected to deliver a higher fuel economy of up to 47 to 48 mpg-US (4.9 to 5.0 L/100 km; 56 to 58 mpg-imp) highway. The next generation Ford Fusion Hybrid is expected to be launched by early 2012, and the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid by mid-2012" per Wiki 47 mpg on the hwy in a car that has been rated at 41/36 (city/hwy)? If the ratio stayed the same, the new FFH would be within a few mpg of the 2011 Prius, which is incredible, so it probably won't happen. Grin I imagine that the new FFH will see something like 44/47 mpg (city/hwy) and that its cDa will be a bit slicker than this years. Can't wait to see what Toyota does with the Prius family over the next few years, and what the rest of the field will be doing to try to stay in the game. Interesting days.
I just saw another of these GEMs today, and it was holding its own in pretty quickly flowing traffic. I have read that GEM claims they are restricted to 25 mph, and they have to be restricted to 35 mph or less by law. But these 'cars' really seem to zip along. If I had to guess, I would say that the GEM was doing nearly 40 mph.
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Apr 26, 2011