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What we are seeing is the results of an all out PR effort by big media, stock manipulating analysts and bloggers to knock Netflix off it's perch. Look at comments like Tycereom and Bobby up there. I see those kinds of stupid remarks all over the internet(stupid because they give no rationale behind their post). Make an argument! As for myself... I am one of the lucky ones that saw this coming due to all the bashing that was taking place before the price hike and sold my stock while it was up around 290. I believe when they report for the quarter, we are going to see that they didn't lose that many subscribers, that the increased fees (which are still very reasonable) will make up for those that left, and by the end of the 4th quarter all those that did leave, will have found that the "competition" is not really competition at all, and will quietly come back. I will be using all of my profits to buy back into Netflix very soon. This is still a pioneering company that has a track record of seeing the future of entertainment long before most of us, and certainly before these analysts and bloggers with an agenda. Hopefully this hysteria will calm down before it is too late and we lose Netflix altogether.
@Steve.. I don't understand why all the analysts (armchair CEO's) think Amazon and Apple are so great! Amazon and Apple are trying to sell us everything under the sun. When i want to browse for a movie to watch I don't want to be sidetracked by all the stuff I can download or rent for an EXTRA fee. I am a happy guy digging through the Netflix offering knowing that whatever I decide on is going to play. I don't care how much money Amazon or Apple throw at getting in on streaming. As far as I am concerned they are too late. Netflix beat them to it, and even with all the negativity that has been thrown at netflix the past 6 months, they have done NOTHING but provide a great product for me at a VERY reasonable price for a very long time. I am sticking with these guys until the bitter end or until Amazon or Apple buys them outright.
I would love to see them get some more documentaries from National Geographic, The History Channel, and Discovery. The best movie i saw from Starz lately was Salt. I started watching Toy Story 3, but had to stop. The stream for that was horrible. IP man and IP man 2 were pretty cool.
Wow!! I cannot believe what I am seeing. Did netflix actually lose customers, or are they coming up short on how many customers they were expected to gain? The sad reality of the Stock market is it doesn't matter if Netflix is a great company with a great product at a very reasonable price. There are forces out there that are determined to drive this company into the ground! Some are doing it for short term gain (shorts) and some are doing it as a an effort to keep the status quo, so they can continue to rape an pillage thier customers as long as they can, before they eventually end up like Blockbuster. IMO, Netflix is a game changer that has shaken the powers that be in the home entertainment industry to their core. And what you are seeing is the powers that be, taking action to prevent Netflix from gaining any more ground in that arena. I believe the Starz deal falling through is part of that effort. There is collusion going on here between Starz, and the cable industry, and their other media outlets, against Netflix. How else do you explain Liberty media walking away from 300 million? Is Dish going to to pay them almost as much as they paid for Blockbuster itself to stream their content?? I don't think so.... I think Liberty media has made a back room deal with the Cable industry to get their 300 Million. Look around on the internet. Google "Netflix News" and see how many you stories you find out there that ALL mention the Starz deal, a 60% price hike, increased competition from companies that are not really competition at all. I am telling you.... Big media is out there trying to crush Netflix. That will truly be unfortunate for all of us that have enjoyed the Sevice Netflix has provided. Unfortunately Netflix could wind up being like Napster. A great idea, but ultimately crushed because it was too great an idea.
The one thing Netflix has in its negotiating arsenal with Starz is they have the Data!! They know exactly how many times the Starz content has been accessed, viewed, put in our queue, and best of all .... how we rated it. They have more information than anyone in the media business has ever had regarding what WE the customers think of their content, and can use that information when the time comes to renegotiate contracts. It is too bad for Starz that Netflix is not willing to pay up what they "think" the content is worth, when Netflix probably "knows" how much the content is worth.
I have been a pretty avid reader of all articles regarding Netflix and have been a pretty staunch supporter of the company, however I have to admit Netflix has one flaw that may eventually kill it. There seems to be an army of cheapskate crybabies out there that will go to any length to villify Netflix and are willing to let the world know their opinion over the most stupid of issues. They are probably the minions of all the bloggers and armchair CEO's out there that write articles with Headlines meant to influence the stock price, and get the attention of the mindless herds. It was bad enough that many were too cheap to pony up a few extra bucks, or make a choice between DVD and Streaming that they had to scream out to the world they were going to cancel their accounts and accuse netflix of being the greedy monopoly, now they are going to cry that they can't supply all their family and friends with Netflix streaming for $7.99?? Give me a break!! As an investor I applaud all of the decisions Netflix has made recently. a. At $9.99 for both streaming and DVD service I thought was unsustainable. It was just too damn good a deal. Especially with the cost of content for streaming going through the roof. Either way you look at it they had to be losing money on one service or the other. By separating the two we will get better picture of where each division is making or losing money. b. Let Starz take a hike. Their content is not worth anywhere near what they want from Netflix. I would be surprised if Starz paid that much for it themselves. c. All you cheapskates out their sharing your streaming account with friends and family are stealing!! And you have the nerve to go online and post that you are going to cancel your account if they don't reconsider?? I am sure netflix would rather you do exactly that. As a long time customer, cheapskate in my own right, former DVD burner, illegal downloader, Netflix is the absolute best value for the few dollars they ask in return out there. Pay up or get a life and go outside to play.
Blockbuster/Dish/Starz would have to come up with one heck of a deal to peel me away from Netflix. Some of the Starz content is OK, but the quality of the streams absolutely sucks. Besides.... there isn't one movie available on Starz, that I cannot get from the Netflix DVD service. Especially since every Blockbuster in my area has closed it's doors. They just do not have the distribution Netflix does.
You can start by putting GPS trackers on all your vehicles and firing anyone that veers off their assigned route, or goes home during working hours like the guy that lives two doors down from me. Treat it like a real business instead of a job source for lazy people that could not get a job unless the government gave them one. wait for it....... it's coming......
Starz should have jumped all over whatever Netflix offered. Before Netflix, Starz was and still is a 2nd tier premium channel. Subscribers and stockholders need to be be patient.... There will come a time when the contracts these premium channels have with the studios will run out, and I will bet a dollar to a donut, netflix will be there to bid directly with the studios one by one as it happens. The current contracts were in place long before netflix came around, and I can assure you if Netflix is willing to pay more for the content than Starz, Showtime, or HBO...... All these channels will have left, is their original programming, that they will come begging for netflix to make a deal. Make no mistake..... Streaming is here, and it is here to stay!
How do you value a company that is changing the way we watch television, and rent movies. It was just a few short years ago that most of us were standing in line at Blockbuster paying 4.99 for a two day rental (which was really only one day)for a movie we really did not want but had to settle for because the one we wanted was all rented out, and having to race back to return them before we were hit with a late fee, or rewind fee. Note: I have had the same two movies sitting on my table for 3 weeks as i write this. If this company was selling widgets the normal stock market valuation might apply. But this company is revolutionizing the way we entertain ourselves. That in my opinion is priceless, and why the stock is defying all of the armchair CEO's (analysts) expectations.
I am amazed that Amazon is even considered competion! Where are the numbers!! Where is the scrutiny? How many new subscribers have they gained since starting the service? Whats the churn? We wont see how many cancellations for awhile because as RJM pointed out, you have to pay for a years service up front! And just how much are they losing on all those prime customers that make sure they get 79 dollars worth of shipping!! What i see here is bait and switch. Sure there are a few titles that might be worth streaming, however how many titles do you see that are easily available to download, or rent? How many other items are you bombarded with to purchase while navigating the site? Netflix is what it is..... and you get what you pay for. The streaming service is cheap, and so are most of its subscribers. But if you are a true movie fan, and willing to try something new.... like a movie you never heard of you will find that Netflix is worth far more than the peanuts you pay to subscribe. If you are like sheep, or cattle and only want to watch NEW stuff that is crammed down our throat through advertising, another 7.99 (less than the price of one ticket) will get you a months worth of DVD rentals. Last but not least..... How many of you knuckleheads out there are paying for the premium channel packages from Comcast, Turner etc..... How much is that costing you? How many movies do you actually watch?? Thats my two cents..... Its a sunny day, I am going to the beach!
working fine on wii.
Hey Johnson..... you do realize that even if all 66,000 negative comments do actually cancel their subscriptions that represents 0.3 percent of total subscribers. Reality is you can't please all of the people all of the time, and there are some that you can't please no matter what you do (you being one of them). Maybe the churn will be a fraction of a percent higher this month than it normally is, but once all these upset people go out their and try BB, Amazon, Hulu.... they will be back. Netflix is still the best bargain out there for DVD's, and Streaming.
How is this Enron? This company actually provides a service that real people enjoy.
I pay less than 20 bucks a month, for two DVD's at a time with NO late fees and all the streaming I can eat. There is no better entertainment deal anywhere!!! DVD's for newer content, and streaming for an unbelievable library of great content that I never heard of. In comparison..... For 25 bucks i took my family of 3 to see Cars 2 (No popcorn or drinks) at 10:30 in the morning in order to get an early bird price on the tickets. What does anyone out there have to complain about?? Subtitles? Blu Ray? Surround Sound?? Get a grip people!!! I am the cheapest bastard around, and I am telling all of you quit your bitching, and enjoy the service Netflix provides while it lasts! If its too good to be true.... It probably is, and great deals like this do not last forever.
Hell No..... I want to know why all these armchair CEO's (analysts), keep suggesting this kind of crap. What makes Netflix great is the fact they focus on one thing, and they do that one thing better than anyone else. They don't make me sign a contract, they don't make me use their hardware, and they offer a great product at a great price. What makes you people think Netflix could keep customer loyalty once they sell out to one of these giant companies that take their customers for granted ie..... Blockbuster?
I would assume you can only stream on one or two at a time? I have 4 that are capable of streaming not including PC's.
@ClydesMP, Ok maybe not every movie ever made is still available on Netflix, but I am sure they have more titles available than anyone else has. I would also go as far as guessing that you are far more likely to find that rare, obscure, long forgotten title that nobody but you cares about, on Netflix than you will anywhere else. You might have an argument if Avatar wasn't available in either DVD or Blu Ray.
Unfortunately my experience with XBOX is my own fault. I did not occur to me that there would be an extra fee. At the time I got the Xbox it was the only game console that worked with Netflix, and I figured it would be better to get a game console than one of the few BluRay Players that had it available. It didn't help that I got the XBOX as part of a bundle deal with the TV from Best Buy. The only reason I am going on about the 50 bucks is that it should be known that although the XBOX UI is fantastic, I am not aware of any other device that requires an annual fee or membership to view Netflix.
So Johnson/BP108/Jolly... What do you suggest we do for inexpensive entertainment seeing as Netflix will be out of business in the not too distant future? I mean it is obvious that myself and 23 million other subscribers have been duped by Netflix into watching inferior content that they seem to have overpaid for, so they can charge us not enough for, and that we are stupid for enjoying so much. You sound an awful lot like that Micheal Pachter guy in the Bloomberg "game changers" Topic. I wonder if he saw the irony in the fact that as a Netflix analyst he has been wrong for 10 years! On topic... I got the DVD 28 days after it released from NETFLIX! You might not be able to stream it... but for a few bucks more a month, Avatar and every other movie known to man can be obtained from NETFLIX.
Hmmmmm. No mention of Xbox360? I love the UI, and the fact that it seems to get a better connection than my Sony Blu Ray, or the Wii, but I hate having to pay an extra $50 a year for a Gold Membership in order to get Netflix. Hastings is on the board of Microsoft... he should see what he can do to remedy this. I paid for the Xbox, I pay for Internet connection, I pay for Netflix, and I pay through the nose for XBOX games!!! WTF.... do i have to pay Microsoft to use their console?
I agree with you GIR. Jolly is going to have a field day with this. The last 5 minutes of this is what he has been trying to force down our throats. What I see in this is a history of all these analysts, and competitors.... especially Micheal Pachter, being absolutely wrong in their appraisal of Netflix, and underestimating Reed Hastings. I don't know why these guys think companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook can do a better job, or offer subscribers a better experience than we are already getting from Netflix. Amazon has barely dipped its toe into streaming video, gave it away for free, and has yet to release any numbers to tell us how it is going. Facebook released ONE movie, and from what I saw it didn't gain very much interest. I love most things Apple, however I have no desire to buy, rent, or borrow any content from them at all. In the world of Apple (ITunes)... all of the content can only be played on an Apple device, and as great as their devices are... they are expensive as hell. Google/YouTube is now the favored 800lb gorilla that is going to knock Netflix off its perch. I don't think so. I think Netflix is just too far ahead in both brand recognition, hardware integration, and subscriber loyalty.
Mike, Are there issues with taking up the subjects that the likes of Jolly and Johnson like to point out? It seems to me that alot of the stuff they copy and paste comes from the many writers at Seeking Alpha (one in particular) that enjoy slamming everything Netflix in what i think is a deliberate attempt to influence the price of the stock. Most of the topics you bring up (including the one i suggested) are pretty Vanilla. I would love to see BP, and Tester go toe to toe with these guys to debate the issues brought forth rather than seeing any of them get banned. Jolly is a pain in the ass, but I think because he is largely ignored by us common folk that don't have the writing skills or the vocabulary to hang with him in a debate. If you opened the discussion and kept it open for continued debate i think this site would alot more interesting. Jolly should be able make his lame arguments why Netflix sucks rather going off topic and everyone getting pissed of at him, and we will have an opportunity to say why Netflix is great without having to go off topic along with him. I am not sure if you are aware of it Mike, but this is really the only site where you can make an argument pro or con regarding Netflix on a regular basis without having to give out your email address to an organization you KNOW is going to spam the hell out of you. @BP and Tester, I agree with you guys that the likes of Jolly/Johnson/BP108 are a pain in the ass but not so much for what they post but how they post it. I am up for a good argument about the merits of Netflix as a company in the proper forum. You are are far more eloquent than I am. I enjoy reading what you guys have to say in response. Mrmanmac
I don't get XBOX Party, or why i have to pay an extra 50 bucks a year to get Netflix! All I can find perusing all of the XBOX Marketplaces is advertising for me to buy something. I have to pay to be advertised to? If i had known there was a membership fee I would have gone with a PS2.
The Fifth Element! Bruce Willis will save the day!