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Julie Turner
Watertown, MA
Focused on helping clients have great user experiences.
Interests: SharePoint, Office 365, Azure
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Really impressed with the content you shared with me. I will try to help get the word out about these courses, because it's clear to me from our other collaborations how much you gained from it!
From a marketing perspective this is terrible. I would venture that possibly the store clerks are just doing it on their own without authorization but maybe not. On the flip side I read this article in the HBR ( and although I knew it, I didn't think of the implication to employees. I turn off Bluetooth and wireless when I'm not at home or in the car. But it's a pain.
I highlighted this in a conversation we had/need to have about Cortana's "note" feature. Didn't save my life but I certainly find it useful in the car when I do my best thinking... and best forgetting.
Thank JKerski, This is an excellent question and one we'll definitely address this with some of our thoughts. In my opinion, there are a lot of ways to handle Life-Cycle Management in SharePoint and most are acceptable as long as they meet your needs.
Hey John... you're point about referencing GitHub by just Git is well taken. Everyone I talk with in the industry just shortens it to Git and I've probably gotten lazy about it... given the potentially more broad audience I need to probably be complete to be clear. We'll take your ideas into consideration as we work on our next set of posts. Thanks for the feedback.
Well, you're right about that this was code that was run against an on prem farm... for sponline you have a couple options, CSOM, JSOM, and REST, the most complete of these being CSOM. What I would suggest is you take this code and try and rewrite it using CSOM which would then work against SharePoint online... to be clear this is what mean...
Super! Thank you for posting the link to that as it helps explain all the intricacies I glossed over.
Hi Nitin, I'd like to help but I would need more information, like what line your getting the error on. Also, what type of scenario are you using to execute your code, event, workflow action, timer job, etc? Are you sure the account that you're running under has access to both the source and the destination web. Are the webs in the same farm, in the same web app?
Glad you found something that worked for you. My only "good" suggestion if you had needed minor versions (which was my assumption based on your request) that you create a separate Modified date field and update it as appropriate.
Ali, Thanks for your reply. The MoveTo method can be used yes, but not if you want to maintain version history with it which was the point of the post.
Yes, I wouldn't really expect it to since I expect the page layout would be different. I really haven't tried the scenario you're speaking of but I suspect you'd need to look at the loaded page and determine what the proper control is and change the code accordingly.
Dan, Not sure I understand what you mean. You're saying that even thought the code sets the ModifiedBy metadata if it's the second time it's been moved by the code that piece of metadata will be missing on the second move? Only that one or others as well?
The site really came together beautifully. Great job!
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