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Yeah its like Reed is crumbling under pressure lately. To split the company is a bad move. What was he thinking?
Wow..Reed and Co continue to make dumb moves lately. This surely will p1$$ off users who have DVD and streaming. Now they have to manage their queues from two sites? A year or so ago Reed made brilliant moves, but lately his biz decisions have been out of desperation.
I switched to streaming only. I originally had 1 DVD and streaming. Boy do I miss the DVD as there are a few DVDs I want to watch. I may switch next month to DVD only.
Until vudu offers an unlimited plan at a decent price, netflix does not have much to worry about. Only way I will use it is for the .99 cents deal. Note that the HDX audio does not work via web browser.
Price has been dropped to $99 at logitech site and amazon
When will the price be dropped to $99? How is this different than the internet apps already on my HDTV?
Cool, more content coming to streaming. Lets hope its in HD.
I watched a couple of episodes of the series and found it boring and dry. I will give it another chance and see if I like it.
I have been saying for the longest that their stock is over valued.
Wow so many decent movies added this week. Interesting timing since I will be switching to stream only next month due to price hike.
Lets hope netflix does not overpay for this like they did with House of Cards. I think HBO costs about $14 per month.
Wow hulu+ has been a disaster, only 1 million subs. Netflix would be more worried if amazon bought hulu instead of apple. So this rumor is good for netflix.
I think its safe to say that part of the price increase will help subsidize NF expansion internationally. Odd that NF never mentions this. I do feel a little ripped off here. BTW, I am not jolly or any of his aliases.
I think I will switch to streaming only for a few months. There really are not that many DVDs I want to watch now. I think netflix has made a big mistake jacking up the price by 60% for the 1 DVD and streaming plan. They should have increased it by $2-$3. There would have been far less of an outrage.
@ Marcus I don't think iphone can stream netflix in HD. Many android devices can unofficially support netflix app via a workaround. Google it.
Hopefully netflix streaming will be usable in jamaica when I am there this fall.
Cool I am glad that netflix streaming is getting more martial arts flix. Reminds me of the days of samurai sunday ;-)
Not to sound like a radical right wing loon about this, but I am sick and tired of this entitlement mentality of people today. The lawyers are getting rich over dumb lawsuits like this. There are plenty of streaming titles available with captions, besides there is always the DVD or BR which will have captions. I hope this frivolous and petty lawsuit gets thrown out of court.
Comments in the engadget article claims there is a way to get the app to work on more android devices.
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May 12, 2011