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I guess nobody remembers
Reed mostly denied it on Nightline a day or so ago. (I forget if it was last night or the night before, since I listen to the audio podcast.)
Your detailed list always has extended characters messed up -- e.g. "fiancée"
Even ignoring logos & ads over the screen, you almost certainly were not seeing the entire episode when in reruns, due to syndication cuts. (The streamed episodes say they're 24 minutes long, which sounds about right for the era.)
If your movie is stopping 10-15 times per movie, I'd say it's AT&T.. which I presume means you have DSL. I thought DSL was on the very low end of what netflix needs in terms of bandwidth, which would mean that in iffy situations, it pauses. Sounds like you need faster Internet.
How is Outsourced new? It definitely was available on DVD, and I'm almost positive it's been on streaming too.. (I rarely use streaming and am going to turn it off before my next bill..)
A maximum 60% increase is not "almost twice as much". The increase is getting me to change my plan (close to my billing date), but don't lie about the actual increase.
I think it's great when company feedback is funny and informative, and not boring. ((*not* funny and informative) is still better than (funny and not informative))
I didn't realize that if I change plans, it's really active until the next billing date.. Though I sort of have the opposite question as posed above. If I turn off streaming (which I am 99.99% likely to do), will "" now go back to the NON STREAMING page for me, instead of having to go to as a workaround to avoid the awful streaming page.
I have done nothing yet. Within a day or so of the price increase (which for me will be late Sept), I will definitely downgrade from my current grandfathered in 4 at a time DVD plan.. I most likely will go down to 1 or 2 DVD at a time only.. Though have vaguely thought of 1 DVD + streaming instead, though I really haven't been using streaming much. Most likely DVD only for the majority of the time.. PLUS I might put my acct on hold for a few months & just catch up on stuff on my Tivo (even during summer I have stuff I haven't watched).
If you read the decision and/or more info in the slashdot thread, it explains why they think this is a "public performance". It's from an old case which was vaguely similar -- you "rented" a movie in one room that was played from a VCR in another room.
MattChance: I don't drink beer, but I bet a grocery store is far cheaper than a gas station (both being much cheaper than a bar). That is definitely true for soda (esp if you stock up when it's on sale). Kory K: Bottled water is not only a luxury, but also a stupid purchase. The almost free water out of the tap is the same as what you're paying a lot of money to put in plastic bottles (wasteful) and truck here (wasteful). Yes, virtually all bottled water is someone else's tap water. (Even the ones that aren't aren't any safer than your tap water.)
Through a couple of the links mentioned, use this to get the old look now:
I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet, but I'm surely going to downgrade. I have been grandfathered at 4 at a time at the 'normal' 3 at a time price, since I have been a customer that long. My "combined" plan will go up to $29.98 a month after Sept 1.. So I've got about 2 months (due to my billing date) to figure out which one I'm going to do. Might do down to 2 DVDs at a time and turn on/off streaming for a month at a time or something. I'll look at the various prices and figure something out.
Steve Irving: Forget that the Watch Instantly tab exists at all, and use: There's still the annoying slide left/right issues, but at least you get a better interface than the WI page.
Bob Shank: I am a Netflix stockholder too. I use DVDs primarily because: 1) I get the EXTRAS (commentaries, deleted scenes, etc.) 2) I get subtitles 3) I get a FAR better picture, even on regular DVDs 4) I can FF/rewind MUCH faster/more conveniently than I can with streaming I actually have been using streaming lately, sometimes.. but nowhere near as much as I use DVDs.
I wouldn't want to record for copyright infringement (i.e. to keep), but I would want to record to potentially skip ads -- and even MORE importantly, to watch faster than realtime. Though I'm starting to watch some streaming stuff, especially for things like documentaries, I watch on my DVD recorder where I can watch faster than realtime with sound. I do that for DVD commentaries and other things too. Also, the idea that it's "always available to stream" is not necessarily true.. not all of us want to pay for cell phone data connection (very expensive).
James Heartney: > The problem with pay-per-view models is you are penalizing your customers for using your service - the more they use it, the more they have to pay. However, if you charge low enough, they still have to pay less than the subscription amount. I would far prefer a pay per show model IF it were cheap enough (e.g. literally nickel and diming for shows). I really don't want to figure out how much I've paid per disc from netflix over the years since I have gone a long time without using it sometimes (since I Tivo a lot of TV shows that will never get on netflix). Don't get me wrong - at current rates, I far prefer subscription model.. But with some kind of sane pricing, pay per view could be reasonable, IMHO.
rjm -- I have only VERY rarely used Hulu, but the "big deal" is as gir notes -- they have lots of stuff that netflix doesn't have. Yes, I wish Netflix got it all (even a year later), but things like reality shows tend to not rerun, and hulu seems to be the only place you can get the *network* ones. Yes, I know most people think reality shows are junk.
Except Netflix pretends nowadays that discs don't exist.
I'm not having problems with the site in general, but the reviews have been having problems for WEEKS.. Most of the times they don't show up on the first try.. Up until a few days ago, reloading once or twice would work.. but yesterday & today, I haven't seen them show up at all. (I wanted to read reviews AFTER I finished watching 500 days of summer.)
I don't use any of the apps to manage my queue (I think I did a long time ago, but IIRC there was a while years ago when they all broke for a while, and I didn't bother getting a new one).. but I do think this is a bad thing. and even though I *am* using streaming slightly more (heck, I was viewing a few minutes of a show on my iPhone waiting for a presentation to start), I still far prefer DVDs, and now manually use a bookmark to get to the browse DVD page rather than typing in I want DVDs because (1) they usually have the extras (e.g. commentaries), (2) they have subtitles, and (3) for things like documentaries (and extras) I watch faster-than-realtime, which I can't do with streaming.
Dude Some: You are referring to subtitles. Subtitles and closed captions are different. I can't remember seeing a DVD that did not have closed captions on it. You have to turn on the *TV'S* closed captioning (not in the DVD menus) to get that closed captioning... and I believe you have to connect via composite since the closed captions (which are a hack in the analog signal) aren't carried in other types of connections like HDMI. You would need subtitles if your only connection was via HDMI for example.
> how Netflix compliments cable COMPLEMENTS
tweet: Matt Jaroneski is watching Smokey and the Bandit III heh heh.