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I agree with Biff...there is no denying LD's experience and the brilliance he can bring. The problem is, even when playing, the brilliant moments are fewer and farther between. LD is a legend, who has stolen the hearts of every American. He was the most influential American soccer player of at least his generation, maybe of all time. I also believe there are great USMNT team moments still within him...but I can now imagine life after LD, and we will be OK. Let's be the recent years after the miracle goal, haven't you been wanting the "old Landon" to return? Maybe we just have an old Landon.
Freddy's head is gigantic in this photo.
Jeff Agoos is many ridiculous ideas have been thrown around, might as well throw his name in the hat...
DeMerit may not be the fastest. He may not be the smoothest. He may not be the best passer. There are others that have a prettier game. But he knows how to defend. He knows how to be in the right position. He makes me feel comfortable back there. He is smart. He gets the job done efficiently. I think there is a spot for a defender like him on the USMNT. Up a goal, in the last 10 minutes and we need a central defender, he is proven to be dependable. Give me him over Gooch and some of the other younger "potentially" gifted defenders.
Chandler is not walking through that door!
I thought Castillo looked bad, especially in the first half. He turned it over in dangerous spots several times.
Not having Fabian really effected how the US played. They were static and predictable. The speed, agility, creativity, and fearlessness he provides was sorely missed, and resembled BB's era. Deuce never found his stride. Donovan looked like he was having a "non-passionate" game, and Jozy never became dangerous. Everyone looked tired and not interested. Even MB looked unimpressive. We will be fine, but it shows how easily we can return to what we once were...or what we still are!
I was too busy pulling myself of the floor, back on to the couch, and wiping the tears to notice what in the hell happened to the ball!
Looks to me like MB is pinching a growler...
Toggle Commented May 26, 2012 on This Weekend's Soccer on TV at Soccer By Ives
Rivalries in Portland will have it...great sports bar.
Is it wrong that when reading Klinsmann quotes I read with a German accent?
I am impressed by all of the "started, played 90' that we are starting to get... I believe DMB should be a part of the Nats. He was one of the key contributors with Landy, Gooch, Boca, etc. Are these guys getting older, yes. But they are not too old. DMB is just as old as those guys, and we expect them (when healthy) to be a part of the team. DMB was a key contributor before he got injured and side tracked....and it seems like he is back to his old self. We are so quick to start looking for the next big thing when what we already have might be better. Develop the youth, use the youth if they are worthy, but don't look past a proven winner if they are still the best option for today.
Toggle Commented Apr 30, 2012 on Americans Abroad: Weekend Rewind at Soccer By Ives
Easy skanking...easy skanking into the sunset...
The German that got away...
What ever happened to Fabian Herzeler?
I lost some of the respect I had for him....
I have been very pleasantly surprised with his form of late. I was often outspoken about both his poor first touch and finishing ability. Yes, it was a heavy pass that he handled well. Yes, he did time his run very well. And yes, it was a fantastic finish that looked like it was taken by a seasoned veteran. I have thought that he has always played well with his back to the goal, draws fouls well, and actually sees the field quite nicely...but he was unable to finish like a striker should. Lately I have been impressed with his goal production and technical ability.
Again, still unimpressed with MB and JJ together.
Mexico removing Marquez allowed the US to play a much better second half. Donovan roaming, and Agudelo and Shea attacking looked very good.
True about overload in midfield, but having Sneijder could only make your team stronger...and keeps him off another team that might be your rival. The EPL season and schedule is soooo looong that injuries and staleness will occur, and having another option is key.
Good for BB. I figured he would just become an MLS coach like Samson and Arena. I wonder if this would be a full time job, or if he coach a club some place. Egypt would be a great position for him, and most international coaches.
Manchester Derby....great game.
me too
Really, did you just compare Jozy to those guys... Everyone is so defensive and quick to protect JA. Do I want him to succeed, of course...but one goal which can from a brilliant pass in which he didn't need to use his club feet to score does not make me want to group him to Romario. I am not bashing, I am stating what I see as the obvious. He is lucky the ball was flighted perfect, it was delivered as well as it could be. You all make it sound like every club that has passed on this guy were idiots. Maybe he will finally produce like we all hope, and live up to his expectations.