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Go to "Your Queue" page and then do a "Save As" (in the file menu, at least in IE and FF). This will save it on your computer so you can look at it whenever you want, and the links to the movies will still work (the tab that switches to the Instant queue won't work though, so save that as a separate page if you want).
@ScottZ - I agree, I know there are some here who like to say that the people running Netflix are stupid, but my guess is they did research and conducted polls, and so they had a fairly accurate idea ahead of time what the effect of the price changes would be.
My gut feeling is that a lot more people said they would cancel their plan than really did cancel (because some people feel they're getting back at Netflix just by threatening to cancel), but I don't know what we can say from this poll since I imagine that some people who did cancel wouldn't bother coming to this site any more.
I agree with what others said, it would be a more interesting poll if it asked if you were making a change to what you were getting or paying the difference and keeping what you had. I haven't decided yet, my next billing is 9/2 so I have to decide next week. I think I'll probably end going with streaming only ut buy a month of discs here and there to catch up on stuff. BTW, signed up for a free month of Amazon Prime just to use the streaming, and was disappointed to find that it only includes a subset of their titles, and the selection is on a par with Netflix (and so really doesn't give me anything extra). It looks like Amazon has a whole lot of B-movies from the 50s padding their title count.
If someone's looking for a summary: basically Netflix wins, but they rate Blockbuster on top if what you want is the latest releases as soon as they're available. In other words, pretty much what we all knew. Their conclusion is that having Netflix streaming and Blockbuster disc plan might be the best idea. But they do admit that it depends on what's important to you. Like someone mentioned above, BB is much slower turnaround, but you're more likely to get the latest titles when you want them. This makes me think of the whole Netflix thing in another way - it's is really more like a cable TV alternative than a DVD rental alternative. It doesn't have the latest movies or premium channel shows, but it's there if you just want to watch something - which it turns out is exactly what I want out of it. I figure it's saved me $50/month or so since I went to "local channels only" cable last year.
@Noor - I'd rather see Disney start their own streaming service, that way the people who want to pay Disney can do it without forcing all Netflix customers to pay.
Donald, you win the "Common Sense" award for the day. You just have to visit your queue and use your browser's "Save Page" function to save it to your computer, and you'll have your queue complete with links to the Netflix page for each disc. Yes, you'll have to add them to your queue again if you ever restart a disc plan, but you don't have to add them all at the same time. Just add a few for the top of the queue and go from there. Sorry, I know people like to complain about these things, but I can't really see where it's a big deal.
@Tony - That doesn't really make sense, does it? Investors take a risk, all you did was pay for a service. I'm pretty sure you weren't saying "this isn't really worth it to me, but I want to help out Netflix".
...BTW, the video is hilarious, making fun of all the idiots who think it's a disaster or that they're victims. As for the end - it is true, people who download illegally are always looking for someone else to blame so they can rationalize it.
@Kory K - Actually you're the problem with America, you apparently can't understand something that's very simple, which is that people are staying with Netflix because they realize that it's still worth it, even with the increase. Netflix is *not* a monopoly, everything is available elsewhere, so you're wrong again. Your last sentence says "Even the ridiculously rich don't waste their money on things they don't think are worth it. That's how they stay rich." That's exactly it - Netflix is still worth it to most customers, even with the price increase. If you don't think so, cancel and stop whining.
I think I might. I just bought one of the older Rokus a year ago (just before the price went down, and before the newer ones came out), and it works OK but it developed a few more issues when the 3.0 software update came. I have a feeling the new hardware will solve some issues and the older boxes won't be a high priority for them.
Well said Lonny. I'm sure everyone who reads this site regularly knows there are certain commenters who are consistently anti-Netflix, and it's kind of interesting to see how, whenever Netflix signs a deal it's crap, they paid too much, etc, but then there's a story about an Amazon deal and suddenly they're putting Netflix out of business.
@henryjoe - Why, for the one sentence I posted that only stated one simple fact? That's ridiculous and makes me think you may just be the latest Johnson1965Tony/Jolly/Osama incarnation.
I've been having discs processed and shipped on Saturdays for a year or two now. I guess it could depend on which processing center you live near, maybe yours just started.
@9th - LOL right. I mean, you can try to make it sound like a big deal by rounding up and saying the price has doubled, or putting it in percentages, but the truth is if you had streaming with 1 DVD it went up $6/month. That's just not a lot of money. If you don't think it's worth the cost, you certainly should cancel now! Just don't whine about it.
Is what I said wrong? No. Also, in some cases DVD only plans cost less now. However, I would strongly encourage anyone who thinks the cost isn't worth it to immediately cancel their plan. Should I ahve to say that? No, because I would expect everyone to be making those kinds of decisions all the time, and not basing it on someone else telliung them what's a service is worth to them. As usual, what you posted is irrelevant and incorrect, and you apparently can't argue your point without calling me names.
I suppose it depends on what's important to you. I did a free trial of BlockBuster a while back and they even had a few titles I couldn't get from Netflix. But the turn-around time for me was over a week instead of the two days for Netlfix, which made BlockBuster relatively more expensive.
Streaming is the same price as it was before.
Yeah, I knew you wouldn't be able to come up with any good repsonse.
...oh, and no one's getting screwed. You can cancel your service at any time and you don't have to pay those rates. Netflix has no obligation to provide you with anything past your current month.
I'm not moderating the forum, I'm just participating. When I think you've said something wrong, I'll correct it. The real question is who are you that you think no one should point out when you're just flat out wrong (as you constantly are)? Lets see, you're either a Netflix customer who, in spite of the constant whining, still thinks it's a good enough value to keep paying for their services. Or you're not a customer, in which case what do you have to complain about? Maybe you just have an ax to grind with Netflix? Or maybe you're just bored so you're annoying us all for something to do?
...and I notice that even your incorrect claims went down from double to 60%.
@Johnson - I'm not defending anything, I'm pointing out the fact that what you said (once again) is just wrong.
The price didn't double. Streaming was $7.99 before, and it still is. New episodes of SNL are available the next day for free elsewhere on the net. Personally I never watched the new ones Netflix, only old episodes.
It sounds to me like it's not changing.