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It's not lunch at work that gets me, we always have leftovers. It's breakfast that gets me. I rush out the door and don't have time to make a full meal so I end up stopping at a breakfast stop 2 out of 5 days. The cost is usually $5 each time so that's $10/week. Over the course of a year, $520! That's a pretty big amount when you consider that I could make a similar breakfast, if not healthier, for about $3 less. I never buy coffee, we have a Keurig so there's always 30 seconds to brew a cup of coffee. Average cost of a K-Cup, $0.42/cup. Not shabby at all. Smoking is the one thing I can't stand. Spending all that money to give yourself cancer, stink like a bum, and offend everyone around you. Sounds like a lose-lose situation to me.
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Jun 11, 2011