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Kaytie Yost
Dayton, Ohio
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Yes, the countertops are solid wood. I haven't noticed any change in color over the last two years. We use the product that IKEA sells to oil the countertops which helps repel water. With that being said, I never leave anything like a sweating glass of water on the countertops for a long period of time and any water that gets splashed from around the sink just gets wiped up. I have had a few minor accidents with a marker that I sanded away by hand and then reoiled. If there is ever any major type of accident like a water ring you can sand it out by hand/with an electric sander too. If it's a real concern I have seen where people put a true sealant over the countertops, so you might look into that. I don't really worry about it too much honestly, I would prefer the countertops to look a little aged and worn overtime but that's my personal preference. Hope that helps! :)
I've seen them at home depot too! My tree is around 9' tall and I was able to purchase it for more like $75... but I also live in the middle of Ohio where things might not be as pricey ;)
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love the oversized photographs, they look amazing! just an idea if you haven't looked into it already... i special ordered a fiddle leaf fig for our living room through a local nursery. it was WAY more inexpensive than i thought it would be and only took a few days to get here. good luck with your search!
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It may be hot and humid but your garden looks like a perfect slice of calm and peacefulness on these long summer days! (it's terribly humid where we are too, )
Toggle Commented Jul 18, 2013 on this week in my garden :: July 18 at SouleMama
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We've entered a stretch of long, hot and sticky summer days that threaten our time spent outdoors. Hazel and I are taking advantage of the cool(er) mornings by playing outside and taking quick peeks at the garden. Once the sun creeps high in the sky we scamper indoors, where we... Continue reading
Posted Jul 18, 2013 at Seela Made
Thanks friend - it feels nice to carve out a little time in the day to do something a little different. Love reading your posts too! xo, kt
Toggle Commented Jul 12, 2013 on our Hazel girl. at Seela Made
It's been a really busy and full week around here, I think we're all ready for the weekend! We celebrated a lot of firsts including milestones for Hazel and a lot of gardening highlights that are helping to make it feel more like summer. Here's a quick look a what... Continue reading
Posted Jul 12, 2013 at Seela Made
I love seeing all of your berries - how exciting! We too are plagued by all the rain and bugs, even in our modest backyard garden!
Toggle Commented Jul 11, 2013 on this week in my garden :: July 11 at SouleMama
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then now Last year we started our vegetable garden journey by building two raised garden beds. I was super enthusiastic and planted a million things. Several times a day I would sneak out to check on how things were going and as luck would have it, most things grew well.... Continue reading
Posted Jul 11, 2013 at Seela Made
Guess what, we had a baby! :) This is not really new news if you've been following along on my instagram feed, but it does explain my absence from this blog over the last few months. Let me catch you up to speed... Hazel Ann was born February 15th, becoming... Continue reading
Posted Jul 10, 2013 at Seela Made
Everyone has a favorite must have, go-to baby item. Even though my baby isn't officially here yet I think my must have item is to have as many blankets to surround this little girl with as possible. Blankets to cuddle with, blankets to play on the floor with, blankets to... Continue reading
Posted Feb 13, 2013 at Seela Made
If you've been thinking about purchasing an item from Seelmade... Getting spring fever and the itch to tidy up your workspace? Need a last minute Valentine's Day gift or sweet dessert display for a party? Now is the time! This weekend is the last chance to purchase an item before... Continue reading
Posted Feb 8, 2013 at Seela Made
This sounds exactly like our house hunting experience. Like most things in life, somehow the right house will just hit you. We had been looking for six months and came up empty handed after each search. It was now or never, must find a house TODAY and then, there it was, the perfect house. we thought we had seen everything but somehow we hadn't seen this house yet. Good Luck - It can be such a grueling experience but it's so rewarding in the end. :)
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Making homemade vanilla extract has been on my pantry staples to-do list for a while now. Once I read a few recipes and learned how easy it is to make I made a giant batch to give as gifts over the holiday season. It's past the gift giving season now... Continue reading
Posted Jan 14, 2013 at Seela Made
Next up on the nursery to-do list, every baby needs a changing table. Enter the dresser, a.k.a. most versatile piece of furniture we own. Kevin's mom purchased this dresser years ago at a garage sale for his roommate. Years later we painted the dresser and moved it into our living... Continue reading
Posted Jan 11, 2013 at Seela Made
Thanks friend - maybe the power of a cute crib skirt will help her sleep through the night, hah. :)
Toggle Commented Jan 10, 2013 on DIY: ruffled crib skirt at Seela Made
Baby Yost arrives in six weeks so it's time to get started working on the nursery! So far we've painted the walls, painted a dresser to use as a changing table and purchased a crib. To get things moving along I decided to make a ruffled skirt for the crib,... Continue reading
Posted Jan 9, 2013 at Seela Made
On the first day of January Kevin and I sat down to talk about our goals for the year. We chose twelve goals to work towards throughout 2013, some big and some small. The main purpose is to make an intentional effort to challenge ourselves and make sure we take... Continue reading
Posted Jan 7, 2013 at Seela Made
Such good tips Elise! I am too am a big fan of setting the timer to get the boring mundane stuff done around the house so I can move onto the fun things in life. Thanks for the reminder and inspiration - good tips as we all do a bit of 'resetting' this new year. :)
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Hi Laurie, Thanks so much for your sweet message! I'm just smitten with your etsy shop, love the reclaimed lath you're using. Thanks for all of the baby advice, it means so much to hear something so nice and positive. Happy New Year! :) kaytie
Toggle Commented Jan 7, 2013 on 2013: a new year at Seela Made
2012 was a good year, one full of fun and surprises. A sense of contentment as we settled into our new house and new daily routines. Time for adventure, playfulness and the surprise of a baby that we'll welcome into our lives this coming February. This week I've taken time... Continue reading
Posted Jan 4, 2013 at Seela Made
Just in time for the holidays, there are new caddies in the shop! Today I'm listing desk caddies and sewing caddies. There are all kinds of new flavors, several with funky vintage glass knobs and cute little feed sack pincushions that are all new designs for this fall. You can... Continue reading
Posted Nov 15, 2012 at Seela Made
Hi Barbara, making apple chips is SO easy! It's my new favorite thing. I was planning on doing a blog post this week with my 'recipe.' So, check back soon. :) xo
Toggle Commented Nov 13, 2012 on lately. at Seela Made
can't stop eating apples from a local orchard. made apple chips more times than i can count, chopped apple cake and even apple sauce. loaded my to-do list with too many things. started a lot of new projects and gotten none of them done. recommitted myself to blogging and then... Continue reading
Posted Nov 9, 2012 at Seela Made
Hooray for quick and easy crafts! I'll be the first to admit that I let quick and easy things pile up until I absolutely have to do something with them. Take this chicken wire door thing I bought at the flea market over the summer. First it sat around totally... Continue reading
Posted Nov 8, 2012 at Seela Made