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Here are the inconvenient facts that the UNRA is ignoring: A Department of Justice study found gun shows are smallest source of firearms to criminals. Source of gun: Street/Illegal Source: 40.8% Friends or family: 33.8% Retail Store: 14.7% Pawnshop: 4.2% Flea Market: 1.3% Gun Show: 0.6% The last time Congress attempted to close the “Gun show loophole” they defined a gun show as any place a firearm changes ownership with three or more persons are present. Citizen disarmament zealots and groups would love to see this definition become law and universal firearms registration. Then, a man transfers a rifle to his son and the mother is present. The son registers his firearms. On the registration form there are two questions: 1. Where did you receive your firearm? Answer: from family member. 2. How many persons were present? Answer: three. Then, the father is arrested for operating an illegal gun show, and the son is arrested for obtaining a firearm at an illegal gun show. Of course, neither person would be aware of the law because they never operated a gun show as we know it, but citizen disarmament groups would declare victory for shutting down yet another illegal gun show. Much gun control laws and legislation is meant to set traps as to make firearms full of so many pitfalls that most people would give up firearms ownership. It sounds to me that the UNRA, like the American Hunters and Shooters, is a citizen disarmament lobby disguised as a firearms rights group. I would like to know exactly who is in their leadership.
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The NRA supports the lawful and responsible use of firearms, and this indeed not a responsible use of firearms. How many fires are started by smokers, fireworks, campfires, or children playing with matches? Certainly, far more than with firearms. Mr. Safier cannot point of anything the NRA has done to defend the actions of Steven Craig Shiflet, so Mr. Safier’s criticism of the NRA is unwarranted.
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Jun 22, 2011