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I currently use DVDs for new releases and streaming for TV shows. The only shows I liked on Starz were Party Down and Spartacus. I am happy to rent those on DVDs to get new content as no new shows are being released soon and Starz movies are bad and the quality is worse. Shows I like/have liked: Sons of Anarchy, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Office, Damages, 24, Prison Break, Lost, Arrested Development, Luther, Sherlock, The League, Dollhouse, Camelot, Kidnapped, Content I would like added: The Walking Dead, United States of Tara, Entourage, Game of Thrones, True Blood (HBO is doubtful so hopefully more 4.5-5.0 rated series that are within the past few years) Content I didn't like...almost everything released in 2010 and 2011 are movies that flopped...but I still watch the 3 star shoot 'em up movies and regret it a little.
Yes!!!! I would have traded Starz for Breaking Bad straight up!
I pay 130 dollars for cable and internet every month and only watch the daily show and sports. I'm more than willing to spend 16 bucks a month to have new dvd releases and the streaming of some awesome shows (mad men, sons of anarchy, lost, 24, prison break, luther, the office, camelot) Looking at the Starz movies I haven't seen there are only 5 movies over 4 stars are The Secret to My Success(1987), The American President(1995), The Sting(1973), and Tangled(2010)...I can easily watch these movies I am not interested in within the next 5-6 months.
When Netflix first started streaming I saw lots of bad movies but a more recent release with Hobo with a shotgun has to be the worst...but what was I expecting?
Beware of hidden fees: When I did my blockbuster free trial, although I cancelled prior to the 2 week trial ending they hit me for a restocking fee because they sent DVDs too close to the end of my trial that I immediately returned(had already watched through netflix). My free trial cost 15.99 a movie until I complained and got it down to 3.99 restocking fee. My free trial cost 12 bucks...reminding me again that Blockbuster has always treated its customers poorly.
During my Blockbuster free trial the mail was extremely slow taking over a week turn around. I quit my blockbuster free trial early and watched the blockbuster queued movies through netflix. A week later I received those movies (I already watched through my netflix account) from the blockbuster account I had already quit. They told me they would continue to send through the whole trial. I immediately returned the movies and got billed 15.99 each because they were not returned during my trial. When I called and complained they stated that they would refund me but there was a 4 dollar restocking fee per movie. My free trial cost 12 bucks...more than a real month at netflix. Blockbuster always finds a way to steal your money (late fees, restocking fees). I could never use them again. They steal everyone's new ideas and do them worse.
I will stick with 3 out at a time with streaming as I currently use both a lot. I just realized I was paying 15.99 for showtime a month which I only use for Dexter. Tomorrow the fighter is on netflix streaming and mad men later this month. 23 bucks for 3 dvds and streaming works for me.
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Jul 12, 2011