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Wow, it's just a bloodbath over at the Netflix blog. Although I'm not a fan of the proposed changes, for me this is less of a blow than the price increase, the poor changes made to the website, and the removal of community features. But never have I see such a unanimously negative reaction to anything on the internet as to this proposal on the blog. There seem to be about 10 people in favor and 6000 opposed. Bad sign, that.
Seems like Netflix is trying to keep their profits up to match their overinflated stock price...I don't think this move will kill them, but it'll definitely piss lots of people off, and it's poor timing given the current state of the economy. I've been a member for 7 years, and I don't know if I'll quit, but I'll probably have to reduce my plan (and still pay more! gah!), and this, combined with the steady decrease in quality of their website over the past couple years (which, honestly, is more of a big deal to me than the price increase -- I'll pay for quality, but with a crappy website, there's not much reason to prefer netflix over anyone else who can provide a similar service), it looks like it's time to start investigating alternatives. I'm currently on the 3 out (was 4 for a long time before the last price increase)...maybe I'll go down to streaming only and see how GreenCine is looking.
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Jul 13, 2011