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Missoula Montana
Free spirit writer/poet/textile artist
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Jan 11, 2020
Jude, Seeing nine from your hands is never static, repetitious, expected. Always I find the surprise and challenges of the unexpected showing up and becoming the neighbor of a stranger. It is in your approach to nine that I have felt the wind beneath my creative hands and pushed into new, surprises. Thank you for always stirring my pot of creative possibilities as I take cloth and thread to hand.
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Jun 22, 2019
Tangled up in going—what a perfect phrase for those times of movement into the unknown, whether in our creations or our life’s journey. The mountains are so alive with color and life in early summer—one of my treasured times living here on the west slopes of the Rockies. A rapid go and return with the opportunity for fresh discoveries in the mountains today. Enjoy the experience.
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Grace your lichen and moss photos are wonderful. They bring me back to about 1978 when I read of making great cloth dyes from lichens and mosses and began the collection as I hiked in the Olympic Mountains with my children. Each gathering place was only very gently disrupted as we wanted to be sure each plant could thrive on in the future. We each carried a small cloth bag and when home put them in 5 gallon containers with urea or whatever that old manual suggested and stored and stirred regularly for a year or two and then dyed the fibers I was, flax. linen, cotton and wool. What luscious colors.So many purples, mauves and unimaginable results...but I trusted that old text and so the adventures went on for many years of pleasure. I did no cloth dyeing then, but am planning some hikes with my daughter to gather again and this time for cloth. What a treasure your land is! Grazing and some freedom to roam for the goats, Talkie so happy and Tay right by your side..that land has shown so much to you in just one year of seasons...and it will continue to provide nourishment and learning experiences for a lifetime..what good fortune for you all to be together there...and safe, and warm and open to the journey. Bless you, and many thanks for sharing the stories of the every day. Kristin
So thankful for the wonderful help and "lodging" you and yours received during the evacuation time. Now to home, now to really take stalk of the land and do everything well for suppression and safety of your dwellings as they are built. Happiness abounds as I read your stories of the ten day experience. Happiness to know you are in your home. Kristin
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Thank you dear Grace for the stories of love and care...touch my soul deeply. Every so thankful that you and yours are safe and cared for, waiting until returning to the hill is safe and good....Much love Kristin
Toggle Commented Nov 20, 2018 on one week at windthread
Thankful to read of such loving care for all the animals and people, many blessings...and to see the pot with the precious thread...a heart warming photo.Glad that the llama is eating now - surely your love helped him to trust and be more at ease in this new, strange place. Peace be with you as the days move forward..soon the hill will welcome you home. Kristin
Toggle Commented Nov 17, 2018 on the next day at windthread
Thank you for the lessons you are sharing...the joys in this time of shifting and saving what can be saved...may that sweet new friend find trust enough to take some nourishment..and may the people find him living in such a kind, loving environment. Blessings dear is heart warming to read your words. Kristin
Thank you so much for posting this, Jude. I have several friends from Paradise who have been successfully evacuated...parents of a dear friend, father 100, mother 95 moved from Paradise Assisted Living to San Francisco...whew...we have been so concerned. Dear, dear family of friends in Oroville have gone to family in Davis. Glad Grace has left and found safe, comfort for her "family" and hope the rest of the family are safe, too. This fire is erratic and spares nothing and no one. Kristin
Toggle Commented Nov 12, 2018 on Jude here posting for Grace at windthread
Your snail is pure delight as we are dropping into some deep freeze weather here...and the bee, truly I miss that community that comes to visit from spring to fall.. Weaving peace into the pennant...ah, yes...truly it is a metaphor for what does bring peace...weaving together..Thank you always for adding a bit of "light" and hope to my every day. Kristin
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Glad the winds are for now in your is such a challenge, how well I remember living on the Trinity, sitting in my little library on the reservation and seeing the hill just one block away go up in is fast and spare few. Love the piece in photo number two...a different energy...perhaps the land is coming through in y our work more than you know...I look forward to watching this one develop. Best, Kristin
Toggle Commented Nov 9, 2018 on a looking wall at windthread
Thank you, dear Corey, for once again touching my heart deeply with your sincere, heart-centered words shared. You bless my days ever so often and I am so grateful for you in my life. Kristin
Toggle Commented Nov 9, 2018 on And This I Offer at French la Vie
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A big day for breathing deeply as my dear friend Jon Tester has won his third term as US Senator in this deeply red state...Drump came here four times trying to unseat Jon....big deep thankful breaths. And my state senator has pulled out on top of a very close election, and a dear Quaker friend in Great Falls won a seat in the state house with a good majority. So I choose to focus on what is good, and contue my work on issues that matter to me. Now, just now as I am writing to you I hear that the town of Paradise is on fire....and some parts of Chico are being evacuated....are you seeing the fierce black smoke from you home on the hill? Are you far enough away from the danger that the high winds are causing with this fire? Holding you and yours in love and light...may you be well and safe, Kristin
Toggle Commented Nov 8, 2018 on one more time at windthread
magic is often for me the manifestation of dreams or thoughts..mostly small, delightful bits that become real. I love the getting lost in imagination, often in writing poems.... Kristin
Toggle Commented Sep 27, 2017 on Into blueness. Or out of it. at Spirit Cloth
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simply lovely...a morning pleasant, beautiful story in the midst of whirling cacophony of negative words and stories...thank you
Toggle Commented Sep 26, 2017 on Lace and a Wine Glass at French la Vie
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searching, yes...and yes, we do find..thanks
Toggle Commented Sep 22, 2017 on w at Spirit Cloth
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finding our own comfort level with the dealing with all that swirls around us is a task that must be figured out however best it is for each of us. When you have a quiet spell and I need a bit of your thinking and construction details, I head to the blog and just go back and read former posting...feel free is a treasure trove and always there is something there to spark my day. This to say, if Wednesday is the day, that will be grand...and in-between I shall wander through the halls of past posts and videos and get the much desired stimulation from Jude's work. All the best to you as you look for a way that gives you peace in this ever so out of the imagination energy swirling around the world. Kristin
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sometimes cloth wants to be what it wants to be...much like our own self-determination. it floats with ease over the nine-patch
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storms here, too...welcome as they push out so much of the smoke...the little piece says so much...and yes, welcome...a word I am learning to truly appreciate as it is spoken when I come to the homes of refugees in our community...welcome, the very first word spoken, even before the hugs..warm, welcome...home - safety..all very real in this time and place. Thank you for stitching on this symbolic, to me, piece of home..already sharing the autumnal colors just beginning to appear here. Kristin
Toggle Commented Sep 19, 2017 on Suddenly a Welcome Mat at Spirit Cloth
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Oh yes, yes Mo....I was writing a note to Grace about the importance of hanging on to gallon glass jars...the food service industry for schools and restaurants has moved to plastic...I have packed and moved my gallon jars for now 30 years...I have painted the lids and treated those that got a bit of rust, but they are my every day storage for staple the refrigerator so things do not go bad in the heat. The treasures you are gathering to bring with you look to me to be useful, special and important pieces of your history in NM to go to your new home. You are, Grace, much more "flexible" about the departure planning than I have ever is with awe and admiration that I read your stories of process in getting ready. Amazing patience and seeming calmness. I think I am getting antsy about seeing your new little place in photos on your blog and breathing a deep full breath as this long developing plan and story comes into being - fully alive. Kristin
Toggle Commented Sep 18, 2017 on What i have hoped for at windthread
As I read Mo's comment I remembered sitting in a class with Natalie Goldberg...she emphasized that when we hold a pen or pencil the feelings in our soul flow directly to the page...and her recommendation was to always begin our writing of story, poem, memoir, work of fiction with the putting of pen to the ten year since that class I have moved more and more to writing on paper, any piece of paper...and being unplugged is what works best for me, too. love that you were able to answer Saskia in your script. Today you words and photos reached out to me and held me closely - thank you. Kristin
Toggle Commented Sep 12, 2017 on Blur-ity at Spirit Cloth
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traveling back in time - endless wishing - leaf feathers -softness - thread to glue stitch small memory fragments into a soft new leaves landing now on the soil to meld together and make a blanket for the soil..fall may be on its way in just a few bring some moisture, some coolness and a push into the cozy months of many stitching hours - the gift of a resting winter gardens. Thanks for the reminder of how those small bits so easily make a nice whole.
Toggle Commented Sep 11, 2017 on Using Them at Spirit Cloth
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process and allowance for listening to possibilities not imagined...results may surprise and answer questions unasked..inclusion of the weaving bit is just right -stirred some thought for me. Kristin
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Sweet memories now must be your daily comfort as Sacha spreads his wings and flies high with his dreams ever so far from home. Prayers for you all to grow in ways to communicate and keep connected as now a new page in your family story begins to get markings.
Toggle Commented Sep 10, 2017 on Sacha Leaves Home at French la Vie
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