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So far I have finished two tops and took them to the longarmer. One I have been tweaking for five years, and the second one for two years. I needed them to move on to the next stage so I quit tweaking them.
I am blessed that my husband bought a house next to a wonderful quilter. Her name is Jean. Her granddaughters live far away, so she borrows mine for grandparent events and we take her to school events. When ever I get stuck on a quilt I can call her up and jaunt over and she can teach me what needs to be done. I am blessed to have her.
I love it on children's playground. I can even admit - I have it in my backyard. It comes in 12"x10' rolls and I just roll it down and pin it down. I have a straight line creek where water flows from ne neighbor's yard, through mine, into the next yard (that has the drain). It was a straight-line mud path. The rubber strip comes with a cloth (like blackcloth) glued to the back. But bad me took the cloth off of some of the lengths and now grass is growing through those (after prob 4 years in the yard). There is no way I could use real mulch there, it all just flowed downstream and clogged up at the fence (the previous owners did that).
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Jul 28, 2011